Almost all of our needs are expressions of our basic needs to protect our:

a. Feelings of Security and Safety
b. Sense of Self Worth
c. Feeling of Freedom
d. Ability to satisfy our desires and pleasures
e. To love and be loved – to belong
f. To be recognized by the whole – power
g. To live a meaningful life
h. To evolve spiritually
i. Self Actualization
j. To unite with the world and God

The above mentioned basic needs might be expressed as some of the following:

1. To have the freedom to do what I like
2. To be disciplined
3. To create and express my self
4. To be responsible towards others
5. To be loving and caring
6. To satisfy my desires
7. To forgive
8. To have my rights respected
9. To evolve spiritually
10. To have plenty of money
11. To do work which has meaning for me
12. To have a deep meaningful relationship
13. To be in harmony with my conscience
14. To beloved as I am
15. To have free time
16. To be respected
17. For affection
18. For more open communication
19. To be left alone when not feeling well
20. To avoid contact with others
21. To go out more often.
22. To have time alone when feeling the need
23. For more rest
24. For more help with the chores
25. For more attention when talking
26. For a more peaceful environment
27. To be accepted exactly as I am
28. To do more things together.
29. For more freedom of movement and expression
30. For greater responsibility from others
31. For others to be on time
32. For more help and cooperation in keeping order and cleanliness
33. To be able to behave in the way I like in my home.
34. To be able to express my self honestly
35. To express my needs to others, and have them respected
36. To have revenge
37. To find inner peace