By Robert Elias Najemy

 Although I am not a doctor, I have 44 years extensive experience in dealing with people’s pain, change and growth, physical, emotional and spiritual. During that time I have come in contact with over 25,000 persons.

 The purpose of this pamphlet is to share the methods that I have found successful in dealing with and reducing physical and emotional pain. I have not felt motivated to search for the scientific explanations as to why they work. What interests me is that they are harmless, noninvasive and that they actually do reduce or remove pain in the majority of situations.


The purpose of these methods is to:

1. Stimulate the creation of naturally secreted endomorphins that work as natural internally created drugs lessening or removing pain.

2. Reduce negative reactions and tensing against the pain – which usually increases pain objectively and also subjectively as the patient focuses on it almost exclusively – making it even more «painful». We seek to create a «friendlier» relationship with the part of the body where the pain is centered.

3. Cause a freer flow of «bio-energy» as perceived by the science of Acupuncture – thus allowing for freedom from pain and also greater inner natural healing ability.

4. Relax the painful area – allowing for greater flow of blood and healing.


This may be done in any combination of the following ways:

1. Increase of warmth and the flow of blood to the area.

2. Relaxation of the nervous system in general and also of the specific area.

3. Relaxation of the mind.

4. Stimulation of the movement of bioenergy.

5. Removal of negative emotions that might be creating or increasing the pain


What are the benefits of such an approach?

 1. The patient experiences less pain

2. There less need for drugs and thus less side effects and less addiction.

3. The patient experiences greater sense of control and self-esteem.

4. There is a greater possibility of self-healing energy


What results can we expect?

 1. In some cases there will be immediate long lasting or short-lived success.

2. In other cases results will come slowly.

3. Pain may be slightly or significantly lessened.

4. The patient may need to take drugs

5. A combination or natural methods and drugs might be needed


How can I learn these techniques for myself or others?


We have created a series of audio instructions for guiding you in these techniques.

You can order the CD «Natural Pain Reduction and Self-healing» containing the following methods.

1. Breathing Exercises for reducing pain.

2. Deep relaxation for pain relief

3. EFT for pain


You can procure these audio files in two different ways.

1. You can download or listen to the audio mp3 files for free at the bottom of this page.  We hope you will help us out by filling out our very short questionnaire the first 12 times you perform the techniques and send in your questionnaire answers for our research study.

2. If you prefer, you can order our CD with all three techniques for only $ 7 – at

Once you have employed these methods, help us help others by filling out the questionnaire at

May you be well on all levels of your Being.

Techniques for Removing Pain

Techniques for Removing Pain

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More information about ways in which, we can lessen or remove pain?


Before employing any of these methods you should consult your doctor concerning your specific needs. Never stop taking any medicines of any type without your doctor’s consent.


What help we get from others? (Under each suggestion there is the address of a «google» internet search presenting a list of thousands articles on that method.)


1. Pain relievers, as prescribed by doctors everywhere, have freed many billions of people from pain.


2. Reflexology has been used to remove pain for millions of people. By massaging reflex points on the sole of the foot, we are able to bring greater blood flow and relief to the painful area.

(Not to be used when there is internal or external hemorrhaging.)


3. Acupuncture has been successful in blocking or removing pain for millions with a wide variety of health problems and even as anesthesia during surgery.


4. Homeopathy too has freed millions of people from pain and illness.


There are also many other professional modes of healing and comforting.


The purpose of this article however is to introduce you to the following self-help methods that you can apply yourself.


How can we help ourselves?


Some simple methods for reducing pain by enabling the nerves and muscles to relax and increase the production of natural endomorpins are the following.


1. Heat and / or cold (wet or dry) are used extensively by physiotherapist to comfort, relax and heal joints and muscles.


2. Herbs have been used for centuries to remove pain. Herbs are the prototypes from which our medical pain relievers are created. See the notes below taken from the Internet. Herbs (such as Camomile, Bromelain (pineapple extract) , Valerian, St. John’s wort, Jamaican dogwood, Burdock lemon balm ) can be taken as teas, capsules or even as oils or creams applied topically.


3. Music has been successfully used as anesthesia for both dental work and surgery.


4. Breathing Techniques relax the nerves and muscles and increase the natural endomorphin production. We have produced a guided breathing technique to help with that.

You can get it as a CD or download it for free from the Internet. See below


5. Deep Relaxation (in some cases – when possible – with our hands on painful area) is a very effective method for reducing and removing pain.

We have produced a guided relaxation exercise to guide you in that process. See below

Also refer to details at our site at


6. «Energy Psychology» techniques discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan in 1980 (originally «Thought Field Therapy) – and developed by many others since then – have proven to have a «miraculous» effect on physical pain and negative emotions. This technique is based on stimulating acupuncture points while focusing on the pain or negative emotion. It can be performed both physically and mentally. The main forms of this method are called EFT and TAT.

We have produced audio and video instructions for how to do this. See below. 7&q=energy+psychology+for+pain&meta=

Also refer to the book Energy Psychology by Robert Elias Najemy.

Also refer to details at our site at


7. «Letting go methods» enable some to either become reconciled with the pain or actually «let it go» – as difficult as that might seem. We all know that people have different pain thresholds. This ability to allow it to be, might explain this phenomena.


8. Various forms of release such as laughing, crying and yawning can free up pent up emotions and energies that may be causing pain. We have witnessed such phenomena frequently.


9. In some cases when the physical pain is in fact «stored emotional pain», it may respond to methods for coming into contact with and releasing emotions. This requires professional guidance.