The Science of «Emotion – Based Prayer»

You can help yourself, your family and all of society with the power of emotion-based prayer.

The scientist Gregg Braden has created a documentary video with impressive information and examples that clearly prove that our thoughts, desires and emotions have a direct effect on the material world around us.

These videos clearly show that we can alter our world with the conscious use of our mind and the visualization with positive emotions of the reality that we choose for ourselves and oud fellow humans.

You can view this information in 7 parts on YouTube

We are looking for persons who would like to use this inner technology of emotion based prayer and visualize with positive emotions their home, neighborhood, city, country and world in a state of peace and affluence.

The process is simple:

1. Relax and allow your mind to become as empty and peaceful as possible. If you need help in this, you can download mp3 files for relaxations at

2. Now focus on the feeling of peace within and around you. Stay in this state as long as possible.

3. Alternatively when inspired you can spend some time visualizing the perfectly evolved society in which there is equality and justice and all experience peace, abundance, love, brotherhood, mutual respect, integrity – a society in which everyone behaves towards others only in ways that they would like others to behave to them. Imagine that you are living in this society – that is a reality NOW.

You can also spend some time visualizing your own self, your body, mind, emotions, reactions, behaviors and the conditions of your own life as you would like them all to ideally be. Imagine that you and your life are already as you would like them to be and feel gratitude and joy that you are living your ideal life.

Thus your inner exercise will consist of:

a. Experience Peace within and without.
b. Visualizing and experiencing:
1. Your ideal self as already a reality.
2. Your ideal life as already manifest.
3. The prefect peaceful and abundant society as your reality.

4. Do this for around 20 to 30 minutes once or twice a day.

You can add this to your present meditation, relaxation or prayer practice.

Simultaneously, it will be wise to avoid as much as possible negative emotions and negative expressions concerning what is happening in your personal life or your national or world situation. When we cultivate negative feelings towards whatever exists in our personal, family, national or planetary reality, that only serves to increase what we are feeling negative about.

It would be best to speak about what we would like to exist and what we believe can exist rather than complain about what bothers us or causes us fear.

Let go of the need to reject, complain or judge.

Try accepting all as it is as an opportunity towards something greater. We do not need to reject what is in order to direct our energy to creating a more evolved version of what is.

Thus we can help more by speaking about the solutions we can think of rather that complaining about the problems. All problems are simply opportunities to find newer more evolved solutions.

Speak to others about these videos and about the way in which they too can help in effect the Matrix of energy that comprises our world through their emotion based prayer – by visualizing their ideal reality as already manifest and experiencing inner peace as much as possible.

We will be uploading support material at

Check it out occasionally and share with others what you find useful.

We would love to hear from you concerning your choice to participate. You can send an email to with the word peace as the subject.

It would be nice if you indicate your country and postal code so that we can have an idea of the areas from which you are brodacasting peace and abundance.

We will then send you occasional updates conceding this worldwide united cooperation.

We are also creating a page on Facebook for you to share feelings and ideas about how we can work even more effectively together. Click on the link
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May you be always happy and fulfilled,
Robert Elias Najemy