Robert’s Perception

Dear Friends,
Robert Elias Najemy, after 45 years of spiritual inquiry, writing and teaching, has decided to share his perception of reality in response to your questions, dilemmas and thoughts.
His will respond to your written questions and thoughts in video form on youtube.
The process is this.
You send an email to with the following data.
1. Name (Robet will refer to the first name and other data here in answer the question. Thus, if you prefer not to be know, then use a false name but not the name of a real person that you know. Please be truthful about the rest of the data, as his response will consider those factors.)
2. Male ______ Female______
3. Age _____
4. Country __________
5. Profession ____________________________
6. Family situation, Married _____ Single ______ Separated______ , Widowed_______, Other ________
7. Children, ____ Number, ______Ages
8. (The email to which you would like to be informed of that his perception has been uploaded.)
Your question must be limited to 90 words only.
This text is 270 words so it must be much less that this.
Robert may not answer some questions, but that would be only in very exceptional cases. H will not answer hypothetical questions.
You will receive an email with the address on youtube where you can see the answer to your questions possibly along with answers to questions and thoughts sent in by others. As he is extremely busy, some answers may take some time to appear. You will be informed when they do.
You are welcome to send in questions at any time.
Be well.