As mentioned in the chapter of the philosophy and self-therapy, our health is a function of our connection with the Universal Source of all life energy. This may seem difficult for some to understand. This energy is much subtler than our senses are able to perceive. Scientific instruments can in our days record this energy by means of Kirlian photography, showing the aura of light energy which is otherwise invisible, except when a being is photographed in an electromagnetic field.

It is not difficult, however, for someone to «feel» the energy which flows within him when he is engaged in some creative or playful act. When we draw, sing or dance, when we decorate our house or work in the garden, we receive a boost of energy from within. We feel more positive about ourselves and life. We feel productive. We feel useful. We feel content and satisfied with ourselves and life.

It is difficult for me to believe that there is a reader among you who does not understand what I ‘m trying to say and who has not experienced this joy and energy of creativity at least a few times in his life. This does not require scientific investigation or philosophical reasoning. It is a shame, however, that so few people arrange their lives so that they have enough of such life-enriching activities. There are many possible reasons for this: The presence of TV in the home may be one factor which makes people pathetic and uncreative. In the old days those hours had to be filled with some activity, such as dancing or singing, knitting or painting, or some other type of creative activity. Another reason may be the extreme importance given in our days to the accumulation of money, which leaves very few hours and little energy for other activities. Another obstacle is the fear of creating within a highly competitive environment where we have been taught to evaluate ourselves in relation to others. Thus, if we are not very good or the best at something, we avoid doing it. There are many other reasons which are discussed in my book «PSYCHOLOGY OF HAPPINESS».

Whatever may be the reasons, our lack of creative self-expression is another major cause for our poor physical and mental health. Our energy is not renewed as it could be. Our feelings are not expressed, our tensions not released. Our inner being has no possibility to manifest itself and, thus, does not feel fulfilled or content. There are not enough opportunities for feeling self-appreciation. Our life becomes dull, boring, a mere routine, with little variety and, often, with little meaning.

Most, if not all, people with psychosomatic illnesses (i.e. about 80% of all illnesses) would benefit greatly by involving themselves more frequently in creative activities. These activities would cause them to move in a joyful and harmonious way which would free up the flow of bio-energy in their bodies. Their held-in emotions would have an opportunity to be channeled and released. Tensions, too, would be released, and blocked energies freed up. Their opinion of themselves would improve and this would, in turn, improve the functioning of all systems in the body, especially the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system. But the very nature of these activities they would, most likely, have more unity and love, both of which are great healing emotional energies to be flowing through the body and mind. They would develop greater contact with their inner self from which creative inspirations flow. This would help harmonize their body and mind with the spiritual healing energies which are abundant in the center of their being. They would begin to feel a greater meaning in life and reason for living. They would experience joy, pleasure and the contentment of being able to express themselves or create something, no matter how simple it may be.

Consider these important points in creating your new healthy life-style. Include time for you to express yourself in various ways. Decide how you are going to do this – NOW. Are you going to enroll for a seminar? Are you just going to jump in and start doing something that you like very much? Will you do it alone or with others – what do you prefer at the moment? Do you put this off for vacation time or retirement or for next year? First of all, none of these may ever come. Secondly, tomorrow never come, it unfortunately, always remains tomorrow. Only NOW exists. Live in the now and enjoy the now. Decide which of the many forms of expression you are going to treat your self to: Singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, writing stories or poems or even your autobiography, house decorating, knitting, painting, flower arrangement, pressed flower collages, other types of collages, gardening, social service of various types or a wide variety of different kinds of creative activities which will help to restore your health and happiness.

Also, remember that helping your fellow human beings is, perhaps, the most creative, useful and self-fulfilling act you can perform. When we help others, we break down the walls of separation that keep us apart and which are also an important factor in the creation of disease. The main disease of our modern society is separateness and lack of love. Love and harmonious contact with others is an essential nutrient for our health, more important than vitamins and minerals and exercises. Love is the basis of life. When we look around us and see what we can do for others in order to help them, the love which is bottled within us, waiting to flow again, is awakened and given a chance to flow. This is very beneficial both for us and for those we are serving. When we serve, we are healing both ourselves and others.

I encourage you to find ways in which you can get involved in helping others in your city or town. Join others in this effort. You will feel fulfilled. You will improve your health and you will find meaning in life. At the same time you will do great service to society around you.