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  1. An Introduction To Relaxation Techniques
  2. Positive Visualization Technique for Self Therapy and Prevention of Illness
  3. Techniques for Re-balancing Our Energy
  4.  A Deep Relaxation for Self Acceptance
  5.  A Deep Relaxation Technique for Transforming Childhood Experiences
  6.  Loving The Child That You Were
  7.  Letting Go Of Resentment
  8.  Entertaining The Opposite Emotion
  9.  Letting An Emotion Take A Form And Transforming It
  10.  Letting Our Pains, Illnesses Or Problems Take A Form
  11.  Recognizing And Manifesting Talents, Abilities And Qualities
  12.  A Visit To The Sun
  13.  Music Relaxation
  14.  Color Relaxation
  15.  Becoming The Light – Contact With God
  16.  Circle Of Love
  17.  Disidentifying With Our Bodies And Identifying With Our Souls
  18.  A  Meeting With Your Spiritual Guide
  19.  Finding Out Our Purpose In Life
  20.  Harmonizing The Energy  Centers & Other Possibilities


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Such inner relaxation techniques must never be performed when you are driving or operating any machinery. You should be alone in a secure and safe place where you can let go and have no responsibilities to attend to for at least 15 minutes after completing the relaxation. Unless you are already familiar with are practicing such, do not exceed 20 minutes. If you have any difficulties, discontinue temporarily and until you receive guidance from a guide experienced in such techniques, or if you are a member, send us an email (Please include your user name and password).


Feelings of resentment, which sometimes lead to disillusionment, anger and even hate, have a very powerful affect on our nervous and endocrine system, and eventually on our immune system. When such feelings also lead to feelings of weakness, helplessness and hopelessness, then our defense system is more seriously weakened. It has been shown in many scientific studies that the defense system is frequently weakened after the unexpected loss of something very important to us, such as a loved one, a job, a home, our social status or anything else which is very important to us and whose loss we cannot accept. In a number of these cases cancer or some other result of immune weakness is developed.

It is also believed that resentment when long standing in a body can be transferred into physical terms as arthritic or rheumatic problems. This transferal of specific emotions into physical phenomena is an extremely interesting field which will gain much more attention in coming years as science will be forced to investigate it. Until now it is known and accepted mostly to those who work on the spiritual level.

The following visualizations can help us to release such negative emotions which are without doubt affecting in some way our state of health and our harmony with our selves and others. We would all do well to get free from such emotions, for in the last analysis, why should we continue to harm ourselves, because someone performed some injustice to us in the past. When we hold on to resentment or anger or hate towards that person, we only harm ourselves more. Those feelings exist in our body; they affect our liver, our kidneys, our heart, our blood vessels, not the other’s. They inhibit our feelings of happiness, not his. They limit our reality, not his. We are only harming ourselves with these feelings. When we are hurt by some event of life, such as the loss of a loved one or something else very important to us, what do we gain by holding on to the past, but concentrating with bitterness on the injustice of life? Does life suffer or do we suffer?

We cannot change those events of the past. But we can change our attitude towards them. If there is something which we can do in the present to better the quality of our lives, let us do it. But let us let go of the negative feelings which are created by our insistence that life be the way we want it to be. Let us let go of the idea that if things are not the way we have been programmed to believe that they must be, then we cannot be happy. We can be happy if we want to. It is up to us and this technique will help us. As Ken Keyes says, “When you worry about what you do not have, you loose what you do have”. Let us start to look at what we do have, I am sure we will see that it is quite wonderful, if we can let go of the past and see the present as it really is. This is an essential part of our self therapy and self-transformation process.

a. After creating a state of deep relaxation, bring to your mind one by one the various negative feelings which you have been having about specific events or problems in your life. If you are holding negative feelings towards anyone, then bring that person to your mind and experience those feelings. Imagine your self expressing to the other how you are feeling. Explain to him or her why you are feeling that way, how you have been hurt, disappointed. Explain how you didn’t expect what happened, and how you would really have liked things to have happened differently. Express your self in your mind as clearly as you can, not only your anger, but also your feelings of hurt and vulnerability.

b. Once you have mentally expressed your feelings, then realize that these persons have acted out of weakness, out of fear and ignorance. There is no reason to condemn them. They have made a mistake. We too make mistakes. FORGIVE them and let go of your negative feelings. Forgive them and create if possible positive feelings towards them. Realize that they, like you, are in a process of evolution. They cannot be perfect. They will make mistakes.

c. Realize that you too are a soul in the process of evolution and that in truth, nothing can really harm you. You are indestructible and self-sufficient. Feel strong, big, safe and secure and forgive the other, realizing that your happiness and security cannot really depend on someone else.

d. Realize too that there is a universal law of cause and effect and that nothing could ever happen to you if you did not deserve it, if it was not useful for your evolutionary process. Thus realizing that, in fact, no one has ever done you an injustice. For some reason, it had to happen in that way regardless if you are able to understand why. That does not mean that we let people do what they want. We express to them our displeasure or in some cases we protect ourselves, even through court cases, but we let go of negative feelings. We can correct the other’s actions and protect ourselves from them without having negative feelings towards them; negative feelings which harm us more than them.

e. Thus while we are in the relaxation, we can imagine ourselves forgiving the other and accepting him. We can imagine that we are at good terms with each other. If you feel ready, you can even imagine that you are embracing, making up and experiencing love and harmony between you. If this is difficult, you can at least wish them to be healthy and happy in their lives. Do this for all the people in your family (independent as to whether you feel that you have serious problems with them). Do this with relatives, especially with parents and with coworkers or anyone else who has been close to you and has had the opportunity to hurt you, or disappoint you.

f. In this way, forgive each important person in your life for everything. Work on each person and each event separately and specifically. When you have difficulty forgiving a specific person, work on him or her in your relaxation on a daily basis until you overcome your inner resistance. This will do wonders for your own health and vitality. If your resentment is towards life or towards God, then do the same technique imagining life or God in some way and working in the same way. If you are feeling weak and helpless in a difficult world as a result of these difficulties which you have passed through, work on the technique for SELF CONFIDENCE or the technique of CONTACT WITH GOD. Doing this daily will free us from negative emotions concerning ourselves and others. If these emotions are intense, it would be better to seek out professional help in this process.