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  1. An Introduction To Relaxation Techniques
  2. Positive Visualization Technique for Self Therapy and Prevention of Illness
  3. Techniques for Re-balancing Our Energy
  4.  A Deep Relaxation for Self Acceptance
  5.  A Deep Relaxation Technique for Transforming Childhood Experiences
  6.  Loving The Child That You Were
  7.  Letting Go Of Resentment
  8.  Entertaining The Opposite Emotion
  9.  Letting An Emotion Take A Form And Transforming It
  10.  Letting Our Pains, Illnesses Or Problems Take A Form
  11.  Recognizing And Manifesting Talents, Abilities And Qualities
  12.  A Visit To The Sun
  13.  Music Relaxation
  14.  Color Relaxation
  15.  Becoming The Light – Contact With God
  16.  Circle Of Love
  17.  Disidentifying With Our Bodies And Identifying With Our Souls
  18.  A  Meeting With Your Spiritual Guide
  19.  Finding Out Our Purpose In Life
  20.  Harmonizing The Energy  Centers & Other Possibilities


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An introduction to Relaxation Techniques


Of all the techniques that I have suggested that people use over the years for self-therapy, deep relaxation with positive imagery is the one, which I have suggested most often. It is what absolutely everyone needs independent of whether they have physical of emotional problems or not. We all have much to benefit by stopping at least once a day and lying down on our backs (or on our abdomen or sitting straight in a chair) and relaxing consciously all the parts of our body and then our minds. This simple technique allows the basic healing energies of the body to work at restoring the proper harmony which is required for healthy and effective functioning of the body and mind.

The blood vessels relax and there is increased blood flow to parts of the body where tension was restricting flow. The lactic acid build up which causes tiredness, is allowed to be transformed and removed. All the systems of the body begin a process of harmonizing themselves through various mechanisms. The nervous system is relaxed and rejuvenated and prepared for more efficient functioning. The mind is cleared, emptied and enabled to think much more clearly, intelligently and positively. In deep relaxation, as you will learn in detail below, we are able to direct our body’s healing energies mentally to the areas which we would like to affect more specifically. Thus if we are having a problem with our liver, we can send healing energy there by imagining light, or peace, or positive healthful feelings and thoughts flowing into the liver. This can be done with any part of the body. The same technique of positive thinking can be used with all aspects of our lives.

We can imagine ourselves with greater self acceptance, self confidence, self love, with greater peace of mind, greater ease and confidence in our social and professional contacts. We can imaging ourselves in harmonious and loving relationships. We can imagine ourselves healthy, full of energy and happiness. This is not self deception. It is the directing of the mind’s energies towards the eventual creation of exactly these positive realities.

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are the creators of our lives, of our illness and our health, of our failures and successes, of our happiness and unhappiness. Changing our thoughts eventually leads to changes in our lives, including in our health.

Below you will find a variety of various relaxation techniques which you can employ in order to restore or maintain your health and harmony. You can then decide which of the techniques seem to appeal most to you.

If you should like to create a deep relaxation technique for your self you should include:

1. The method of relaxing which helps you to relax most easily.

2. Projection of healing energy to parts of the body which you would like to heal.

3. Projection of positive thoughts and images concerning your personality and your contact with the world around you. Imagine yourself as you would like to be.

4. Be sure to always create feelings of self acceptance, self love and self confidence. These are very important in self healing.

5. Leave time for your mind to just be empty and let whatever changes need to take place in your body or mind to happen without your mental intervention. This time of emptiness is essential both in self healing and also in our spiritual growth process.

In employing your relaxation pay attention to the following:

1. You should be appropriately covered in case your body metabolism falls and you feel cold.

2. It is best to be alone in the room unless the other is sleeping, or aware of what you are doing and capable of being extremely quiet. But if these conditions are not available, then I would say to go ahead and try to do deep relaxation anyway. You would be amazed by how much you can go within yourself and become unaware of what is going on around you.

3. Leave time to really «wake up»; and gradually move into activity. Do not come out of the relaxation just moments before you have to do something or be somewhere. Five minutes transition time is probably enough for most people.

4. If you suffer from low blood pressure and find that you are dizzy or very cold after deep relaxation, then try doing your relaxation with your legs on a pillow or on the wall. In these positions you will ensure an abundant flow of blood to the brain and you will not feel dizzy or weak afterwards.

5. Do not over do relaxation. Twenty to thirty minutes twice or three times a day are enough in the beginning. Do not do more than this without the guidance of someone experienced in these techniques. Yoga teachers can help you and a growing number of psychologists are learning and using such techniques with their patients.

6. The techniques are best done on an empty stomach but can be done after meals if there is absolutely no other time. The best time to do them is after one of your exercise and breathing sessions. Another suitable time is in the afternoon or early evening, especially after work in order to rejuvenate your body for the evening activities. If none of these times are suitable, then at least do it before falling asleep in the evening. Some people who have trouble sleeping use it in the middle of the night in order to sleep, and others who wake up early use these techniques to start their days with a fresh and positive outlook. Experiment and find out what is best for you.

7. The purpose is not to fall asleep. But if you are tired and fall asleep do not worry. You have relaxed. If you have relaxed with a cassette, the messages which were on the cassette have been recorded by your subconscious mind. If you were working on your own without a cassette, then at least you have relaxed and rejuvenated your body and mind.

8. CDs are available

from various spiritual centers, book stores and health food shops. In the beginning I would suggest that you buy or borrow a cassette so that you can get an idea concerning the rate and rhythm of how a relaxation is done. It will be easier to relax with a cassette in the beginning until you develop your ability with practice. Eventually you can let go of your dependency on the cassette (after trying out a variety of them if you like) and work on your own, creating the type of relaxation which is most suitable to you.

There are CD for self therapy, for self acceptance, self confidence, for expansion of love for all beings, for sending light to various parts of the body and for simply relaxing. There are also relaxations for children which help them to imagine themselves confident, concentrated and successful at school and with friends and family. You may also like to create your own cassette with the specific messages which you feel are most appropriate to your needs.

9. It is important to be regular in your practice of this simple technique which really does not require much time. If you cannot do it more frequently, do it at least once a day. Do not let your mind fool you into believing that there is no time. There is; you just need to see it. You can let go of something else, which is offering you less in your life and replace it with relaxation.

Also do not be fooled by the idea that you do not have the right to take this time for your self. These techniques will increase greatly both the quality and quantity of your service both to your family and profession. Also do not be fooled by the feeling that you are too nervous to relax, that you prefer to watch TV or do something which occupies your attention; that you do not have the concentration to relax. It is all a matter of habit. Your mind has learned to function in a certain way. You can gradually teach it to function in a different more effective and beneficial way.

It may be difficult at first. You may feel even more tension as you try and do not succeed in relaxing. This is because it is something new. Just as you could not walk when you were born and had to practice it, and became now able to walk through thinking, in the same way you will master this technique and it will become easy and enjoyable.

10. Do not be put off or afraid if in the beginning you have various negative side effects after doing a relaxation. This is simply the excess suppressed tension (which you have bottled up within you), coming out in the form of negative symptoms. The symptoms may be headaches, dizziness, a feeling of irritability or the need to cry or laugh nervously. You may feel pains in various parts of the body which were not there before (they are in the emotional and energy level but you do not feel them). You may have negative visions or hear unpleasant sounds while in the relaxation.

Or you may feel nothing at all. In 80% of the cases, people feel very wonderful. They experience a level of inner peace and harmony which they have never experienced before. If you are among the 20% who might have negative reactions at first, do not fear; this will happen only for a few times in the beginning and then will pass. If you feel that you need help to overcome the built up tension which is coming out, then seek out the help of a person experienced in these techniques. Sooner or later the tension which you have suppressed for so many years will be released and you will feel wonderful, not only in your relaxation but throughout the day. You will be lighter and freer, with more positive outlook in life.

11. The process of reprogramming the subconscious mind with positive thoughts and images can also be done while you are sleeping. You can purchase or make a cassette with the messages you would like to accept deep within you. Set up a timer switch to your tape player so that it will start up by itself about an hour after you have fallen asleep or an hour before you usually wake up. At these times you are usually in the receptive «alpha» state. These messages will by pass the filters of your conscious mind which usually block out whatever they do not believe and will be recorded directly into your subconscious mind. Many learn languages in this way. This does not, however, replace your need for conscious-willful deep relaxation.

I encourage you to start today employing these relaxation techniques and to treat your body and mind to a delight they have been waiting for and needing for a long time.