These movements are to be done – with a few exceptions – slowly, paying equal attention to the breath and body. There should be a harmony of motion, like a slow-motion dance.

In this way we gain rather than lose energy. The greater oxygenation of the muscles which result removes excess acids from the muscles and restores their vitality.

At the same time there is co-ordination of body, mind and breath which brings an overall feeling of harmony.

Circulation is increased bringing benefit to all cells of the body. Joints, tendons and ligaments are stretched and flexed.

In general the body is vitalized and prepared for the Static postures.

One rule of breathing applies to all postures (except the «sideward bend»):

a) Inhale whenever stretching or moving upward or backward.

b) Exhale whenever stretching or bending downward or forward.

Also try to learn «glottal breathing» in which you keep the glottis (in the back of the throat) slightly closed. In this way a slight hissing sound (like waves of the sea) is created as you breathe. This will increase your ability to breathe deeply and with concentration while doing these movements. If you are unsure, have your teacher check you.