The eyes are the windows of the soul. The eyes consume 80% of the nervous energy used by the senses. In these modern times where we have unlimited light all through the night, and where books, newspapers, magazines, television, movies, posters and much office work abound, our eyes are solely overworked.

Also our eyes never get a chance to look into the distance or to even stop for a moment.

For these and other reasons, our eyes need exercising and relaxing. Perhaps the easiest and most efficient exercise we could do for our eyes is to close them at least 5 minutes each hour. If possible, we could place the centers of the palms of our hands over our eyes and relax them.

Neck rolls are also very good for the eyes.

Do not read so much at one time, and make sure there is good lighting when you are reading.

In addition to the above advice, there are some specific experiences which could be done for the eyes:

a) Palming:

Lie down on your back and relax. Bring your hands up and place the palms over they eyes. Do not exert pressure, but simply let the light pressure of the palms rest on the eyes.

Feel the muscles of the eyes and relax them as if in deep relaxation. Relax also the forehead and the mind.

b) Rolling the Eyes:

Sit with the spine straight and without moving the head:

1) Look up and then look down 5 times.

2) Look to the left and then to the right 5 times.

3) Look to the left upper corner and then to the right lower corner 5 times.

4) Look to the right upper corner and then to the left lower corner 5 times.

5) Now roll the eyes in a clockwise direction 5 times.

6) And roll the eyes in a counterclockwise direction 5 times.

7) Now close the eyes and completely relax them.

You may stop and close your eyes at any point to rest them and then continue when you like.

This will develop all the muscles of the eyes.

c) Nasal Gazing:

With the spine erect, gaze at the tip of the nose. When the eyes become tired, close and relax them and do it again. Do not overdo it or strain the eyes.

Start with a few seconds and gradually increase the time in gazing.

This strengthens the eyes, tonifies the whole nervous system and develop concentration.