The balance of the physical body is a mental-neuro-muscular function which requires simultaneous balance of the forces of the mind and the body. For this reason they are beneficial in bringing a harmony and poise to the movements of the body-mind. They also tend to correct the body posture and walking and sitting habits which are often unbalanced.

They make you aware of the balance of forces between the right and left halves of your body.

The center of gravity of the body is just below the navel. Becoming aware of this center of your vertical balance will help tremendously in doing the following balance postures.

A suggestion for all balance postures: Keep your eyes focused on a point in front of you. Imagine a rope is connecting your eyes (or navel) to that point. If your mind is fixes, your body will become fixed.

Standing on one leg:

Although this is a rather easy stance, it helps to build equilibrium for the following postures. Simply stand on one foot, while bending the other leg backward at the knee taking your ankle with your hand.

Keep your body erect and motionless for as long as you are comfortable. Practice both sides equally.