It is important to begin the series of yoga exercises with a few minutes of one of the relaxation positions. (There are standing, lying on back, lying on abdomen and sitting relaxation positions).

In the standing position let your feet be close together with both feet facing directly in front of you. Let the chest be high but comfortable so that the shoulders, arms and hands relax by your side.

Do not let your buttocks stick our behind you so that the spine is curved, but rather tuck the buttocks underneath your back so that the spine is straight.

Let the head and neck be in a straight line with the spine with the eyes closed or concentrated on a point in front of you.

There are many aspects to keep in mind here – do not be discouraged. The most important points are to be straight, relaxed and concentrated.

Now you begin with deep rhythmic breathing, glottal breathing if you can. Concentrate on the sound of your breath. Let your body and mind become relaxed from all day’s activities and thoughts.