When I love you purely,
I wish for you to be always happy and healthy.

I respond to your soul needs but not always to your ego desires.

I joyfully offer my time, money and energy in support of your flowering soul.

I am happy about your successes, even when that means less attention and affirmation for me.

I accept you exactly as you are.

When I love you purely, you are for me like a flower, a unique expression of divine energy.

I see your inner beauty even when you yourself cannot express it.

When I love you purely, I communicate with you honestly, expressing to you my true needs, feelings and thoughts.

It is impossible for you to hurt me, because true love expects nothing and keeps no accounts.

I allow you to find your happiness with whomever and however you are guided from within.

When I love you purely, I see you not as my possession and ask not that you love only me. That would be to limit your soul and obstruct your growth universal love.

When I love you purely, I experience your true Divine Self; as true love is divine and perceives only the divine.

I can never fear for you even when you are passing through difficulties because I remember that you always have exactly the tests, which facilitate the manifestation of your inner magnificent and the power to deal with them.

When I love you purely, I leave you in the proper moments to find your own solutions and answers, even though I feel affirmed when I find them for you.

Out of love I allow you to discover the truth which is hidden within you.

However, in order to love you purely, I need to become stronger and cease needing you to feel secure or worthy.

I will need to transcend loneliness and be with you because l love you and not because I need you.

It is not possible to love purely that which I need.

Actually only from a position of inner strength, self sufficiency and fulfillment can I love you purely

An even when you leave your physical body, my sorrow will not be from my love but from my need for your physical presence.

You are a divine being, which will have been freed from its material vehicle.

My tears will be for me.
But for you I will be happy.

Go forward my love,
You belong not to me
but to the Universe.

For that is what you truly are…

The Universe.