The Power to Create

Through His example, Christ gave us the message that there is a great power within us and that we can do wonders if we believe in ourselves and the Divine. With that faith we even conquer death.

This divine power is within each of us. We are the temples of the living God. His power resides within us. Our lesson is to use it properly in harmony with the universal laws of creation, so as to create harmony in our personal and communal lives. As manipulators of divine power, we are co-creators with the Divine.

Until now, we have been doing a poor job of using that power. We have created a world with a considerable amount of pain, injustice, inequality, loneliness, violence and famine.

We need to re-find that power again within us, and use it now together with its proper companion – love. Power without love, as man has used it until today, is destructive and ugly, similar to many of our cities. Power with love is harmonious and beautiful like nature.

The Power to Forgive

That power allows us to transcend our «small human egos», which hold on to our little resentments, hurts and anger. Christ gave us clear message with his attitude towards those who harmed him. As he spoke these words, «They know not what they do», he taught us the need to understand.

All negative behaviors are a result of our fear, insecurity and ignorance. When people harm us with their words or actions, they are acting out of insecurity and in ignorance of their and our unified divine nature. They are controlled by their programming and are not capable of doing otherwise.

As we grow into higher levels of consciousness, we will feel more secure and understand and forgive them. He forgave and prayed for those who killed him. This message has failed to seep into our hearts, even though two thousand years have passed since that powerful event.

The other who has done us harm, was simply bringing to us the results of our past choices, present beliefs and the lessons which we have chosen to learn at this time. It is a test. It is our opportunity for spiritual growth.

We need to understand that the other is acting out of ignorance, insecurity and fear.

We need to understand also that this event is happening to us for a reason to test our wisdom, strength and love.

We have everything to gain by forgiving that person.

We forgive not for the other’s sake but for ours. We are the ones who suffer as long as we do not forgive and forget whatever has happened. We are immersed in our own negative energy, which deteriorates our emotional harmony as well as our nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

There is, however, a great difference between suppressing anger and transcending it through wisdom and love.

In the first case we ignore reality.

In the second case, we need to connect to the Truth.