Philosopher means in Greek, “a friend of wisdom”.

Wisdom creates a bright presence in our minds, allowing us to perceive with clarity beyond the veils of illusion.

When wisdom is accompanied by Faith they create together trust in our highest truths.

We are then able to pass safely through the dark and difficult corners of life feeling inner security and inner peace.

Thus, when I believe that I am an immortal soul, a divine energy that is temporarily evolving in the material body, I obtain clarity concerning what is important and what is not.

We understand that since we will be leaving this material reality that there is no sense in chasing after and accumulating material objects or wealth.

When I have wisdom I realize that all my negative emotions are a result of ignorance and fear.

Liberated from the personality, which fears and feels offended, I experience peace and love regardless of the others actions.

When I have wisdom I know that we are all one and feel unity with all my brethren and nature.

When I have wisdom, I experience my life purpose as a soul in evolution, which came to learn, serve and create.
I then direct my time and energy towards my life purpose and not on unfruitful activities which diminish the quality my life.

When I have wisdom, I understand my brethren and myself. I understand that we are in a process of perfecting ourselves as each of us is seeking to manifest his or her inner beauty, love and harmony.

I remember Christ΄s words, “Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone” and I can not judge.

When I have wisdom, I experience inner peace because I then perceive the perfection of creation.

Beyond the pain of human injustice I can sense Divine justice.

Everything and everyone are in their “places”- where they should be – at this stage of the evolutionary process.

Wisdom also tells me that these roles and situations are in a delicate dynamic balance as constantly change and growth.

Our mission is to work incessantly towards perfecting our expression of our innate spiritual quantities.

We are here to create a planet and society based on love equality and unity

When I have Wisdom,
I have:

I have