(Excerpt from the book The Art of Meditation by Robert Elias Najemy)

We celebrate and mourn His birth, death and resurrection every year. Have we, however, understood His message? Why did He come? Why did He choose to be crucified? What was He trying to teach us?

We cannot understand the mysteries of Christ and His Divine Mission. Nor can we comprehend the totality of His message, for it can be experienced only upon the transcendence of the ego and the mind, and not with the rational mind itself. But I would like to share with you here some of my humble thoughts concerning these important parts of His life, His birth, His death and resurrection, which we celebrate yearly.


Jesus is the name which we give to the temporary physical form which the Christ took about two thousand years ago. Christ is the Universal Consciousness, the divine cause and motivating power of all beings. Jesus was the projection of that consciousness into physical form so that we could see it and be moved by its message. Jesus was born, crucified and resurrected. The Christ could never be born or die. It is unchanging, omnipresent consciousness. Jesus was one form of the Christ. We are all, to a lesser degree, manifestations of the Christ.

Imagine that Christ is an infinitely powerful electrical energy source and that we are all light bulbs. Each of us is a slightly different light bulb. Some of us are fancy light bulbs, others simple, some white, other brown, others yellow and red. We have various names and categories written on us like Greek, American, Turkish, Russian, Christian, Hindu. Moslem, Jew, Socialist, Capitalist, Communist, male, female, young, old, etc.

All these different types of light bulbs, with different names written on them, are powered by the one (and only) electric current, which we can call the Christ Consciousness. Whatever light they may be expressing, is in the final analysis, a projection of this one Christ Consciousness.

We use this word Christ Consciousness in order to refer to that one consciousness which is the cause of all. St. John called it the «Logos», the Light and also Love. It is the Logos, the cause of everything there is. It is the light, the life of everything there is. It is love the binding force of unity, which will create the kingdom of heaven even here on Earth. For as Christ said, «They will not say here is the kingdom of heaven or there it is. For the kingdom of heaven is within you».

The Kingdom of heaven is the eventual reigning of the Christ consciousness within us. We will experience the Kingdom of God, when we allow God to make his kingdom within us. According to St. Paul we are the «temples of the living God».

God, as the Christ consciousness, lives within us. It does, however, share that «temple» with a lot of other residents such as our desires, fears and attachments. When these other inhabitants of the temple are gradually limited, then the rightful occupant can really move in.

Returning to the light bulb analogy, each of us as a light bulb emits a certain wattage. The wattage available from the Christ Consciousness is unlimited.

But we, as conductors, are not pure enough to transmit significant amounts of this current and light here on the earth plane. As we purify ourselves as conductors, then more and more spirituality will be able to flow through in the form of greater peace, love, wisdom, creativity and perhaps even some of the miraculous charismatic powers which flowed through the Apostles after the Pentecost. (Although it is not suggested that one try to develop these powers.)

Jesus was another type of conductor. He had no impurities, no resistance. He was the pure conductor of the Christ Consciousness. He was the Christ Consciousness appearing on earth. But this does not mean that all other beings are not also projections of this Christ Consciousness. If we are one watt bulbs, Jesus was a million watt bulb and Christ is an infinite power source.

Our life purpose is to reconnect with the Christ within us through Jesus’ teachings and life example as well as through love for Jesus and the Christ in all beings regardless of their beliefs.