Here we are referring to both gastric and duodenal ulcers as well as gastritis and in general any irritated situation in the area of stomach or duodenum. Although poor eating habits do play major role in creating such problems, emotional tensions almost always seem to be present. These emotional disturbances will have to be dealt with if we want t complete recovery. Self-therapy from such problems is not very difficult if a person is willing to reassess and change his life style and way of thinking.


1. Poor eating habits. 2. Nervous tension. 3. Constipation. 4. Overuse of antibiotics. 5. Lack of vitamin B12. 6. Blockages in spinal nerves. 7. Hereditary weaknesses in these organs.


1. Eat 5 or 6 small meals a day rather than 2 or 3 large ones.

2. Chew your food completely until it becomes a liquid in your mouth and then swallow it. Or if your teeth do not allow you, liquefy your food in a blender. (At least until the symptoms disappear).

3. In acute cases of active ulcers avoid whole grains, nuts, sour fruits, raw fruits and vegetables for a few weeks until there is improvement. During those few weeks eat mostly boiled rice or millet with milk or yogurt. Vegetables which are usually better tolerated during a crisis situation are potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, avocados, beets and carrots. See which ones your system accepts most easily.

When you begin to feel better, you can start to add gradually some of the above mentioned healthy foods which might be irritating during the crisis but are okay when you have healed yourself of the active ulcer.

4. Remove completely from your life fried foods, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, salt, spices, mustard, vinegar, white sugar in all forms and soft drinks.

5. Eat all foods at room temperature: neither too hot, nor too cold.

6. Take a 1/2 – teaspoon of fresh cold pressed vegetable oil with each meal.

7. Here are two folk remedies from Paavo Airola:

a. For Ulcers of the duodenum (usually you feel pain before or between meals): Drink fresh raw cabbage juice (with carrot and celery for taste if you like) several times a day on an empty stomach (about 1/2 glass).

b. For stomach ulcers (you usually feel pain after the meal): Drink a 1/2 glass of potato juice several times a day on an empty stomach.

Both of the above must be drunk immediately. After a minute or so the therapeutic value is gone.

8. According to Airola, the following vitamins are helpful: E, Brewers’ yeast, A, B (only from natural sources). When there is an active ulcer requiring needs healing, vitamins E and A are essential.

9. Chamomile tea and other herbs are known to calm the stomach (they should be drunk warm, not hot).

10. Reflexology is useful when there is not an active ulcer, that is, it is not bleeding. When the ulcer is bleeding, use shiatsu massage or spiritual healing for relaxation. Afterwards, when it has calmed down, reflexology can be used as an additional help.

11. When the cause is nervous or emotional tension, then shiatsu massage and spiritual healing are very effective.

12. Deep relaxation with visualization of healing energy calming and healing the area of the stomach and duodenum is an excellent form of self – therapy.

13. Learn to deal more positively with emotions. Express them clearly and effectively. Discover the beliefs and programming behind your feelings, and work on the process of reprogramming and self transformation. See the section in this book on attitudes and health.

14. Practice the following techniques on a daily basis for the relaxation of the abdominal area and the nervous system and mind as a whole.


The following exercises will: 1. Relax the area of the stomach and duodenum. 2. Build up the general vitality of the digestive system. 3. Free the spinal nerves which supply these organs with nerve messages. 4. Relax the mind and harmonize the endocrine system.



1. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

2. Swing (20T) No.1

3. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

4. Prayer position (5M0 No.37

5. Abdominal breathing (2:1:2:1) (5M) No.39

6. Vibrations «AAA» & «HAA» (3T) No.61

7. Deep relaxation


8. Cat (7T) No.8

9. Wind Rel.Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

10. Torsion (3LR,3LL) No.41

11. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 3 & 4) (20M) No.29

12. Deep relaxation



1. Head Rolls (5R, 5L) No.31

2. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

3. Swing (20 to 60 T) No.1

4. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

5. Abdominal contractions (3T) No.38

6. Prayer position (5M) No.37

7. Complete breathing (2:1:2:1) No.51

8. Vibrations «AAA» and «HAA» (7T) No.69. Deep relaxation


10. Cat (7T) No.8

11. Sal. to Earth (3T) No.43

12. Leg lifts (3R,3L, 3B) No.6

13. Torsion (3LR,3LL) No.41

14. Forward str. (2 to 5M) No.42

15. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 1,3, & 4) (20M) No.29

16. Deep relaxation


1. Start out with the first simplest series. After a few weeks, start to add some exercises from the suggested series one by one gradually.

2. For the first three weeks do your breathing exercises basically with the abdominal breath. After three weeks switch to the complete breath.

3. The Cat, Backward and forward stretch, Wind relieving posture and Leg lifts, can be done with the balloon exhalation for the first three weeks. You can then switch to exhaling with the nostrils.

4. After a month or so you can add the leg movement to the Cat.

5. With the help of a teacher you can eventually add other exercises such as the Salutation to the sun, Bridge, Cobra, Bow, Fish, Shoulder stand and Plough.

6. The Deep relaxation is extremely important in this case. You can do it while in the 1/2 Shoulder stand or in the ordinary lying position. Let your hands rest over the area of your stomach and duodenum. Once you have mentally relaxed, begin to imagine light and healing energy flowing into your stomach and duodenum and solar plexus, relaxing and healing this area. Imagine that the muscles and walls of these organs are completely relaxed and that the organs function perfectly.

If you have emotional problems, imagine that you have overcome them with a more positive attitude. Imagine that you feel self – confidence, self acceptance and self love and that you are facing life with an inner calmness and assiduity, feeling that you are able to handle every situation and that all will turn out alright. (See Relaxation Techniques No.114, 115, 116 and 129).

7. Develop a philosophical and spiritual outlook on life.