Here we are discussing together problems such as psoriasis, eczema and other such skin eruptions. As with other psychosomatic illnesses, these skin problems often have some degree of emotional tension as one of their causes. These tensions will have to be dealt with if we want to have a successful self-therapy.

In other cases, poor diet is a major cause and in such cases a cleansing must be made of the body. In still other cases the problem is a result of metabolic or endocrine disturbances. In such cases we will need to try to reestablish harmonious functioning among the various organs.

Most cases will require that we attack these three main causes simultaneously with pure and healthy diet, regeneration of the body’s forces and facing and overcoming emotional disturbances.


1. Allergies. 2. Poor elimination of toxic wastes. 3. Constipation. 4. Faulty metabolism (endocrine disturbance). 5. Nutritional deficiencies. 6. Emotional tensions. 7. Blocked nerves along the spine column.


1. Remove from your diet the following items: salt, coffee, tea, white sugar, white flour, chocolate, meat, eggs, fish and all refined foods.

2. Do not smoke.

3. Eat plenty of whole grains, seeds and nuts, vegetables, fruits, cold pressed oils and sprouts from alfalfa, wheat, and mung beans.

4. Fasting is important. Make short fasts with juices for three days or get expert advice for a longer fast of two weeks with your doctor’s approval. Fasting can be done with juice from carrots, beets, celery, spinach, cucumber or with raw potatoes or red grapes.

5. If you have constipation, solve the problem immediately. Until it is solved, take an enema once a month.

6. Drink barley broth or spinach broth (three cups daily)

7. According to Airola the following vitamins are helpful

a. For Eczema: B complex, A, C and sunlight.

b. For Psoriasis: E, A, B complex and sunlight.

8. Avoid washing with ordinary soaps and shampoos. (Use soap with an acidic base).

9. Take mineral baths of swim in the sea or take salt baths in your bathtub. If you cannot find salt, add apple cider vinegar.

10. Some natural creams available with vitamins A, E and Aloe Vera plant can be applied topically for relief and therapy.

11. Do plenty of breathing exercises for detoxification and relaxation of the nervous system (use the ratio 2:1:2:1).

12. Reflexology can be very helpful in tonifying the kidneys, bladder, liver, adrenals and endocrine system for better elimination of toxins and more harmonious metabolism. This should be done by an experienced reflexologist for a period of time. Then you can continue on your own.

13. If the problem has roots in emotional and nervous tensions, then shiatsu massage and spiritual healing can be very effective in reestablishing the proper flow of bioenergy in the body and mind.

14. Daily exercise and relaxation are essential for the harmonious functioning of the various organs involved.

15. People with Psoriasis are known to react to situations as if they are more threatening or stressful than they really are. If you have an exaggerated tendency to worry more than necessary, begin to analyze your basic beliefs and programming and enter into a process of self transformation. Read related books of psychology, philosophy and spirituality. Practice techniques like keep relaxation with positive affirmations so as to change the way you react inwardly to situations. Learn to be relaxed and positive in your outlook on life.

16. Engage in activities which bring you peace and happiness. Sing, dance, swim, play games, sports, walk in nature; be happy.


The goal of the following techniques are: 1. To improve circulation of blood and elimination of toxins. 2. To free blocked spinal nerves. 3. To establish harmony in the endocrine system and metabolism. 4. To relax the nerves and the mind.

Practice the first more simple series for a month or so, and then begin to add new exercises one by one from the suggested series.



1. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

2. Sideward Bend (3R,3L) No.19

3. Swing (20T) No.1

4. Abdominal Contract. (3T) No.38

5. Prayer Position (5AM) No.37

6. Complete Breathing (2:1:2:1) No.51

7. Deep relaxation


8. Cat (7T) No.8

9. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

10. Torsion (3LR, 3LL) No.41

11. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 3&4) (20M) No.29

12. Deep relaxation



1. Head Rolls (5R, 5L) No.31

2. Back. & For. Str. (3T) No.20

3. Sideward Bend (3R,3L) No.19

4. Swing (20 to 50T) No.1

5. Cat (7T) No.8

6. Sal. to Earth (3T) No.43

7. Prayer position (5M) No.37

8. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R, 3L, 3B) No.38

9. Abdominal Contract. (3T) No.38

10. Alternate Breathing (2:1:2:1) No.63

11. Deep relaxation


12. 1/2 Bridge (3T) No.11

13. Cobra with turns (3R,3L) No.23

14. Torsion (3LR,3LL) No.41

15. Forward str. (2 to 5M) No.42

16. 1/2 Shoulder Stand (with series 1,3,&4) (20M) No.29

17. Deep relaxation


1. The Cat, Backward and forward stretch, Wind relieving posture and the Complete breathing can be done with the balloon exhalation for the first month or so. Then you can continue doing them with the exhalation from the nostrils.

2. Work gradually towards doing the alternate breathing with the ratio 2:1:2:1 building up gradually the duration of the breath so that you can do it with the timing 8:4:8:4 or 10:5:10:5. Do not force at any point.

3. In the Deep relaxation, imagine your skin absolutely pure and your complexion radiant. Imagine all your organs functioning perfectly as your life activities all moving along harmoniously. Mentally program a positive happy, successful life in all aspects of your existence.

4. Later with the help of a teacher you can add various exercises such as the fish, shoulder stand, plough, bow, salutation to the sun and others.

5. Learn to express your emotions clearly, effectively and positively and develop your spiritual life.

6. Be careful in eating a pure and healthy diet.