We are not discussing here serious problems with the kidneys such as complete paralysis or seriously diseased kidneys. The following suggestions pertain to those who have sluggish kidneys which do not completely process the blood flowing through them or for stones or sand in the kidneys. Some of the following advice may be helpful to those with more serious problems, but they must check with their doctor first. In general, anyone who is seriously ill should check with his doctor before performing any of the techniques given in this book.


1. Toxic and chemically laden foods which overwork and tire the kidneys (especially animal proteins and salt). 2. Hereditary weaknesses. 3. Other organs which do not perform their functions properly at the expense of the kidneys. 4. Emotional tensions. 5. Blockages in the spinal nerves which supply the kidneys.


1. Drink plenty of water, never cold, better hot. If there are springs with mineral water near you which are known to be good for the kidneys, then take advantage of this.

2. Avoid: Salt, meat, white sugar, white flour, alcohol, chocolate and spinach (oxalic acid), and cacao.

3. Fresh vegetables and fruits are especially helpful: garlic, potatoes, asparagus, squash, parsely, cucumber, and celery. Watermelon when ripe can be eaten alone for a meal. This works as diuretic and help clean out the kidneys.

4. Occasional fasting (with doctor’s permission) with:

a. Vegetable juices: cucumber, carrot, celery

b. Fruit juices: watermelon or grapes (not together)

c. Vegetable broth (alkaline)

d. Water in which barley has been boiled

5. Stop smoking immediately, if you love your self.

6. According to Airola, the following vitamins are helpful: C, A, E, B6, Lecithin and Magnesium. See an expert for the dosage for your particular case.

7. Kidney Bean Pod treatment (an old traditional cure for the kidneys, bladder, diabetes and gout). Take about 50 grams of kidney bean pods (without the beans) and add them to 4 liters of water. (Kidney beans are the medium sized beans which have the shape of a kidney). Boil this mixture very lightly (barely boiling) for about 4 hours. Strain the remaining water through a cloth. Let the solution stand for 8 hrs. Then drink one glass every 2 hours. The mixture must be made fresh everyday. After 24 hours, it loses its potency. Perhaps it would be best to make it just before you go to sleep at night. Let is stand the 8 hours of sleep and then use it all throughout the day. This should be done for about 4 to 8 weeks. Corn silk is also been known to have the same healing effect. Depending on the part of world in which you live, there may be other herbs of plant substances which can be used for the same purpose. (You can check with a reputable Herbalist “BÔÙαÓÔÏfiÁÔυ” in your area).

8. Reflexology is especially effective in revitalizing the kidneys. Massage the points for the kidneys, urethras and bladder. You can learn this from an expert and then continue on your own. Or you can roll your foot over a bottle or a foot roller for about 5 minutes each foot, each day.

9. Shiatsu Massage on sides of the spine, abdomen, legs and neck and head.

10. Spiritual healing on the back in the area of the kidneys and also in the upper back, abdomen and head.

11. Get plenty of exercise and fresh air.

12. When there is crisis of pain (and you are sure that it is not appendicitis), hot baths can alleviate the pain. Do not eat, and drink plenty of alkaline liquids i.e., kidney bean broth or barley broth.


The following exercises will stimulate the revitalize the kidneys and adrenals. They will free up the spinal nerves which feed these organs with nerve messages. They will also relax the nervous system and balance the endocrine system.

Practice the first series for a few weeks. When you feel comfortable with those exercises, then go on to the suggested series.



1. Bak. & For. St. (3T) No.20

2. Swing (20T)

3. Cat (5T) No.8

4. 1/2 Bridge (3T) No.11

5. Balloon Breath (1:1:1:1) No.65

6. Relaxation


7. Cat (5T) No.8

8. Prayer Position (5M) No.37

9. 1/2 Shoulder Stand (20M) (with series 3 & 4) No.29

10. Relaxation



1. Upward Stretch (3T) No.39

2. Back. & For. St. (3T) No.20

3. Head Rolls (3R,3L) No.31

4. Swing (20 to 50T) No.1

5. Sideward bend (3R,3L) No.19

6. Cat (7T) No.8

7. 1/2 Bridge (3T) No.11

8. Leg Lifts (3R,3L,3B) No.6

9. Prayer Position (5M) No.37

10. Balloon Breath (1:1:1:1) No.65

11. Relaxation


13. Wind Rel. Pos. (3R,3L,3B) No.4

14. Torsion (2RL,2LR) No.41

15. Forward Stretch (2 to 5M) No.42

16. Dynamic Locust (3R,3L) No.10

17. Cobra with rurns ??(3R,3L) No.23

18. 1/2 Shoulder Stand (with series 1,3, & 4) No.29

19. Relaxation


1. The cat, upward stretch, backward and forward stretch, leg lifts, wind relieving posture, and breathing in the 1/2 shoulder stand can be done with the «balloon exhalation» (No.65) for the first two months. Then you can exhale normally from the nose after that.

2. The breathing ratio of 1:1:1:1 is given as something to work towards. It is not expected that you will be able to do this breath immediately. Work with the more simple breaths first and eventually come to this ratio. Do not force the breath. Start out with the number 3 (3:3:3:3) and gradually build up to higher numbers as the months pass.

3. Do not do the swing forcefully, but rather slowly and gently, at least until your problem has been cured. Also be careful and gentle in the sideward bend, do not force it.

4. You can also add the vibrations «AAA» and «HAA» after your breathing exercises. Start with 3 repetitions of each and build up gradually to seven of each. (No. 61).

5. Eventually add other exercises if you like: Salutation to the earth, salutation to the sun, fish, bow and camel. These should be learned from a teacher and done only when your symptoms have disappeared.

6. Relaxation can be done in the 1/2 shoulder stand or normal position. You may, if you like, place your hands on your abdomen as you relax and imagine healing energy passing from your hands into your kidneys, filling them with light so that they shine with health. Imagine them functioning properly and perfectly. Program positively any problems which may be bothering you. All this can be done independent of the position of the hands.

7. Reflexology is especially useful in problems with the kidneys.