The eyes are the mirror of the soul. They use up to 80% of the never energy used by the senses. In this age of information where one reads and watches television, the eyes are bombarded by millions of sensory inputs. The eyes are much more overstrained than they were years ago when our life was more rural and less rushed. Our eyes seldom see into the distance anymore. They are surrounded by buildings. The eyes relax when they are able to focus into the horizon. Thus today’s individual is in an inferior position concerning the health of his eyes and must take measures to keep them relaxed and energized.

There are a wide variety of problems one can have with the eyes. We will give here a general program for bringing relaxation and vitality to the eyes, optic nerves, brain and neck, with the philosophy that the body has the wisdom to maintain itself or cure itself if we facilitate the flow of its healing energies in the form of blood, nerve messages, hormones and bioenergy.

The following suggestions will be useful in most situations. Two cases in which one should not do the following exercises (except with the okay from their doctor) are those with a detached retina or with hemorrhaging in the eyes or surrounding area.


1. Overstraining the eyes. 2. Reading in poor light. 3. Reading while lying on the back. 4. Hereditary weakness. 5. Toxic Diet. 6. Lack of proper nutrients. 7. Diabetes. 8. Blockages in the nerves of the neck. 9. Lack of blood and oxygen in brain. 10. Hardening of the arteries. 11. Weakness in nervous system. 12. Imbalance in sugar level. 13. Various diseases of the eyes. 14. Nervous tension.


1. Eat a pure and healthy diet with whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, especially carrots, cabbage, squash, tomatoes, broccoli, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and parsley.

2. Drink carrot juice (with beets, cucumber and parsley or peppers if you like) three times a day.

3. The following vitamins are helpful: A (best taken in the form of carrots and other natural foods), C, E, B complex and D (get a little sunlight daily).

4. Close your eyes when you do not need them. Close them, for one or even five minutes and allow them to relax. Do this at various times of the day. They will relax and take energy. Palming them will help them to relax more efficiently.

5. Palm your eyes at regular periods and at other times when you get a chance. Place the palms of your hands over your eyes, with the base of the palm resting on the bone under the eyes and the fingers resting on the forehead. Thus the center of the palm will be over the center of the eyes. Do not apply pressure to the eyes, but just feel the healing energy from your palms passing into the eyes and relaxing them. Try not to think for about five minutes just letting the warmth and energy from your palms relax and heal your eyes. This can be done lying on your back or at a table with your elbows resting on the table and your head on your palms. This can be done for from 1 minute to 20 minutes depending on your time available.

6. Reflexology can be used to ensure more efficient blood circulation in the eyes and surrounding area. This is essential in certain eye problems.

7. Shiatsu massage and spiritual healing can be used very effectively in problems with the eyes because they free up the flow of vital energy to that area. Special attention should be given to the neck and head.

8. Allow your eyes to look far into the distance occasionally. If there are buildings all around you imagine that you are looking through them into the distance. An exercise for strengthening the eyes is to look at an object which is 20 cm from you and then look into the infinite distance. Do this a number of times focusing at 20 cm and then at infinity; back and forth.

9. When the eyes are irritated an eye bath with chamomile tea can be very soothing.

10. Exercises for the spine and especially for the neck are essential. The same is true for exercises which bring blood to the head. The following series will ensure those two goals. Those who would like to strengthen their eyes can refer to the exercises given for the eyes in my book «GIOGA GIA YGEIA KAI HREMIA» or «BETTER EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES» by Dr. Bates.

11. Deep relaxation is very important for allowing the nervous system, and thus the eyes and optic nerves to relax completely and regenerate the nerve force of the body.

12. Do not strain while reading or watching something. Let there be sufficient light. Let your body be relaxed and your mind be relaxed. Be especially conscious of the position and state of tension of your neck. Keep it and your forehead relaxed.


The following exercises are designed to: 1. Bring blood to the brain and eyes. 2. Free the nerves of the neck. 3. Relax the eyes and optic nerves and the nervous system.

In the case of detached retina, hardening of the arteries or hemorrhaging in the eyes or area of the head, do not do the following exercises without the consent of your doctor:



Head Rolls (5R,5L) No.31

2. Back & Forth Str. (3T) No.20
Swing (20T) No.1
4. Prayer position (5L) No.37

5. Complete Breathing (2:1:2:1) No.51

6. Deep relaxation


7. Head Rolls (5R,5L) No.31

8. Prayer position (5L) No.37

9. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 4) (20L) No.29

10. Deep relaxation



1. Head Rolls (7R,7L) No.31

Back & Forw. Str. (3T) No.20

3. Swing (20 to 70 T) No.1

4. Cat (7T) No.8

5. Salutation to Earth (3T) No.43

6. Prayer position (5L) No.37

7. Alternative Breathing (2:1:2:1) No.63

9. Deep relaxation


10. Head Rolls (5R,5L) No.31

11. Torsion (3LR, 3LL) No.41

12. 1/2 Fish (3T) No.15

13. Fish (1/2 to 2L) No.47

14. 1/2 Shoulder stand (with series 4) (20L) No.29

15. Deep relaxation


1. Start with the first simpler series, and when you feel comfortable with those exercises, start to add one by one the new exercises from the second series. Do not force in any situation.

2. The vibrations «EEEEEM» and «MMMMM» can be done with three repetitions at first and then you can gradually increase them.

3. Your morning breathing exercises can be done with the simple complete breath in the beginning. Eventually you can do the alternate breathing.

4. You can do palming while in the 1/2 shoulder stand and gradually enter into a state of deep relaxation (with your palms on your eyes or not – as you prefer). While in the relaxed state concentrate on relaxing all the more deeply you eyes, brain, scalp, neck and abdominal areas. Let your attention pass up and sown between the abdomen and the top of the head relaxing each part all the more deeply.

5. Learn the various eye exercises given in my book on yoga and in Dr. Bate’s book «Better Eyesight Without Glasses». Practice them daily for improved eyesight.

6. With the help of a teacher you can eventually add other exercises such as the shoulder stand, plough, forward stretch, bow, bridge, camel and salutation to the sun.

7. Close your eyes and relax them frequently throughout the day.