Often we cannot determine the cause of a problem, it lies in the malfunction of the endocrine system.

Many of our physical problems may have their origin in the imbalanced functioning of the endocrine system. The symptoms of such hormonal disorders may take the form of headaches, allergies, insomnia, cysts, cancer, osteoporosis, inflammation of the joints and muscles, rheumatism, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, emotional imbalance, mental disorders, lack of energy and an excessive tendency to gain or lose weight.

These are only a few of many possible problems which may result from imbalances in the hormonal secretions of the endocrine system. Here we have not even mentioned the obvious and severe malfunctioning of the endocrine glands which produce gross malformations and malfunctioning in the body. If you suspect that you may have a hormonal disorder, check the accompanying chart showing the symptoms of various gland disorders.

We do not mean to say that the above mentioned problems are always the result of hormonal disorders. But they often may be, especially in cases where one cannot determine any other cause for the physical or mental disorder. Even in cases where hormones may not be the main disturbing factor, they will almost always be involved or affected in some way because of their extremely important role in the «master control mechanism» of the body. The nervous system and endocrine system share the control of the functions in the physical body through their nervous and chemical messages which affect and are affected by all the organs of the body. Thus the disturbance in any other organ will produce a disturbance in the hormonal secretions. This is also extremely true of emotional disturbances which have an immediate and negative effect on the hormonal balance.

Women tend to be particularly sensitive to hormonal problems because of their monthly menstrual cycle. It is interesting that quite frequently, women who have serious hormonal disturbances become miraculously cured when they become pregnant and their symptoms completely disappear at least for the education of their pregnancy. Although, men of course, have their share of hormonal problems, women tend to have a higher percentage, especially if they are emotionally hypersensitive.

Some people try to solve their hormonal deficiencies by taking hormones in the form of pills. This is a rather unsatisfactory solution which would be best left for only extremely serious cases in which all other means of restoring the body’s natural balance have been exhausted. It is preferable wherever possible to try to reactivate the proper harmonious functioning of the glands through the techniques which will be mentioned below before resorting to hormone pills which often have undesirable and detrimental side effects. In addition it is obvious that if one starts taking a hormone pill which supplies his body with the hormone which he needs, then his endocrine glands will need to operate less and less and will gradually atrophy as the body does not need its service anymore. Thus one becomes dependent on his external source and the hormone for all his life. The external introduction of hormones is unlikely to be able to stimulate the incredible, intricate balance of increasing and decreasing levels of hormones in the blood depending on the various changing external and internal conditions. It is like saying that we will send a medium amount of heat to a house all year long independent of how hot or cold it is, or whether the windows are open or closed or we are sleeping or awake.


Some of the following factors may be involved in provoking hormonal imbalances.

1. HEREDITARY WEAKNESS in any of the endocrine glands or other organs which may intimately interact with them.

2. CHEMICAL SUBSTANCES IN THE DIET can disturb the chemical balance in the body. These chemicals may be in the form of insecticides, preservatives, hormones which are given to animals and plants, antibiotics which are given to animals, medicinal drugs, birth control tablets, environmental pollution and in general a build of toxic wastes in the body through improper eating. A lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals may also cause malfunctioning of some of the endocrine glands.

3. THE LACK OF SUFFICIENT EXERCISE AND PROPER BREATHING in our sedentary city life fails to offer sufficient and good circulation in the glands for their harmonious functioning. They often suffer from atrophy. Good circulation, especially in the areas of the endocrine glands themselves is essential for their proper functioning, for the blood is their means of transportation and communication.

4. THE BUILD UP OF EMOTIONAL TENSION is probably the major cause of hormonal problems today. Emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety have a direct effect on the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands, disturbing the balance of the whole system. Often this relationship between the hormones and emotions sets up a vicious circle which alternates between a worsening hormonal imbalance and increasing emotional tension, because the hormones themselves cause the individual to be more easily emotionally upset.

5. THE LACK OF ROUTINE AND HARMONY IN OUR LIVES creates imbalances functioning in all the body’s organs, weakens the body’s energy reserves and creates a general disharmony in the functioning of the endocrine system.

6. OUR NEGATIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE causes us to be in constant state of resistance adding to our physical and mental tension and stress. When this stress accumulates, our endocrine system starts to malfunction. The pituitary gland and hypothalamus are directly affected by stress. They then send messages to the adrenals, thyroids and other organs creating a general state of disturbance and emergency in the body. When this happens on a regular basis, the whole system is worn down and thrown out of balance.


If you suspect that you may have a hormonal imbalance, you may find some of the following information useful. Check with your doctor if you have any doubts.

1. EAT A PURE DIET free from chemical preservatives, insecticides, hormones, and drugs of any kind. Eat as little meat as possible as most meat comes from animals which have been given hormones to grow faster and larger. Also when the animal is about to be killed it senses danger and excretes large amounts of adrenaline into all its muscles. We then eat that adrenaline which is in the meat. All of this adds to our hormonal imbalance.

Refer to the abundant supply of articles and books concerning the optimum healthy diet of whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy products.

2. OCCASIONAL FASTING will help to clean out the system of accumulated waste products which may be preventing the proper functioning of the various organs of the body. Fasting on water or juices one day per week keeps the body free of toxic build up when one has been eating properly. If one feels that his body has accumulated many toxic waste substances over the years, he may need longer fasts.

3. REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE is especially effective in rejuvenating the various endocrine glands. By massaging the reflex points on the bottom of the feel corresponding to the endocrine glands which are not functioning well, we are often able to reactivate them into proper functioning. I have personally seen this work in many cases, including the miraculous disappearance of cysts and tumors from the beast, ovaries and other parts of the body. This massage should be done with care and under the guidance of an experienced reflexology therapist, especially in the case of endocrine disorders, as the massage may bring healing crises at first.

4. A HARMONIOUS ROUTINE is essential in establishing a harmony in the hormonal secretions. All of nature operates in rhythms and cycles: the sun, the moon, the earth, night and day, winter and summer, birth and death, darkness and light. The human being was made to live in harmony with those rhythms. Many of his physical and mental problems today are a function of the fact that we have left the natural rhythms of nature. We eat late at night, sleep late; there is no pattern to our eating, sleeping and resting habits. We must establish a harmonious pattern of eating, working, resting, recreation and sleep. If we overdo any of these, or disrupt our pattern by skipping meals, or eating continuously, or not getting enough rest or sleep, all this will throw our endocrine and nervous system out of balance.

Such a way of life, especially when mixed with an overactive «night life» can exhaust and disturb the system to such an extent that one can begin to have serious mental disorders. I have seen an abundance of such cases. I have also seen that those who start to put an order to their living style and start to employ some of the techniques mentioned here, recover their balance and health again. The rate at which they regain their health is dependent on how many years they have abused their body and mind, and how serious and steadily they employ their new harmonious life style.

5. FREQUENT CONTACT WITH WATER seems to have a balancing and healing effect on hormonal disorders. At least 6 to 8 cups of liquid should be taken a day in the form of water or herb teas. One should avoid coffee ad alcoholic drinks. Also frequent washing of the face, neck, arms and legs also rejuvenate the body and restore harmony. This is called the «Half-Bath» in which we splash water on the face and neck, the legs from the knees down and the arms from the elbows down. This can be done upon waking, before sleeping, and before all meals. If one is in the habit of praying or meditation, he may also like to wash before doing so. Of course there should be a full shower at least once a day in addition to these half-baths which are more for restoration of energy flow rather than cleanliness.

6. THE RELEASE OF EMOTIONAL TENSION which may be causing the endocrine disturbance will be essential for any real lasting cure. These emotional tensions can be released to a great degree through physical exercises, breathing techniques and deep relaxation techniques designed specifically for the purpose. Of special importance are the exercises and breathing techniques which will be given below.

It is not enough, however, simply to remove the tension we are accumulating. We must also seek to discover how we are creating that tension in ourselves. We must discover what addictions, expectations, programming, attitudes and fears are contributing to our load of stress and tension. We must learn not to suppress our emotions, and on the other hand not to be controlled by our emotions. We must learn to channel our emotions effectively, creatively, in constructive ways.

It is important too that we start to think more positively about ourselves, not in an egotistical way, but that we have more self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. These qualities will give us greater inner security, inner peace and inner harmony.

7. A PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF LIFE can help us to overcome many potentially disturbing events and irritants. Those who believe in the external existence of the spirit, in the existence of a divine power, in the value of love and truth, and have faith (real faith not just lip service) tend to be less disturbed by disappointments and the difficulties of life. This kind of inner strength and inner peace is a greater asset for hormonal harmony. Thus, whatever may be a person’s spiritual beliefs, if he lives in harmony with them, he will also have greater physical harmony. If he does not live in harmony with his own spiritual beliefs, then he will never be at peace with himself, and neither will his organs.


Following in a series of simple exercises which stimulate the various endocrine glands contributing to a more harmonious secretion of hormones. There are also other more advanced exercises which have a more powerful affect on the endocrine glands but which are better learned from a competent teacher. The following exercises are harmless and quite beneficial in our opinion but you had best check with your doctor if they are okay for you.

1. SALUTATION TO THE SUN. This series of movements stimulates all of the organs of the body and greatly improves the over all circulation of the body. It is especially beneficial for toning up the endocrine system. If you find this exercise difficult, practice the others for a month or so, to loosen up the muscles and joints, and then give it a try. Those who have lower back problems, heart problems or high blood pressure should avoid this exercise.

The diagram given in the front page gives you an idea of how this complex series of movements is done. But you will have to learn it and be checked by a competent instructor. Special attention should be given to the specific act of breathing which accompanies each movement.

2. SIDEWARD BEND.Stand with your legs apart about twice the breadth of your shoulders. With your arm up in the air, inhale deeply while stretching slightly upwards. Now, while holding the breath bend to your left, letting your left hand rest somewhere on the side of your left leg. When you feel the need to exhale bring the body simultaneously back up to a standing position. Lift your left arm now, inhale and repeat the same movement to the opposite side while holding the breath. Be careful not to bend forwards or backwards. Imagine that you are standing between two walls, one in front of you and one in the back, so that you can bend only to the side. If you have a slipped disc or serious back problem, do not do this exercise.

Do it three times to each side.

Benefits: Tonifies the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands and other visceral organs. Aids in the emptying of the bowels. Frees up the energy flow in the lower back and legs area.

3. SWING. Stand with your legs underneath your shoulders. Inhale deeply with your arms out to the sides like a cross. As you exhale swing your body, arms, neck, head and torso to the right. Inhale coming back, exhale swinging to the left, inhale to the center and then exhale again swinging to the right. Keep doing this back and forth gradually increasing the speed. The breaths are not deep but rather shallow and quick. Swing to the right and left as many times as you feel comfortable i.e. 20 times and gradually increase the number of swings as your endurance increases.

Benefits: Opens up the energy flow on the lungs and upper back vertebrae which control the messages going to the lungs. Stimulates the kidneys, liver and adrenals. Facilitates bowel movements. Liberates the energy flow in the spine and neck. Removes emotional blockages in the chest.

4. SALUTATION TO THE EARTH. Sti on your knees. While inhaling, stretch your arms upward and backward over your head. Hold your breath while holding the stretch. Now exhale, bringing your arms downward touching the mat and sliding forward, lifting the buttocks off the ground so that the things come up to a 90 degree angle with the earth. Remain in this position with the chin and chest approaching the mat, while holding the lungs empty (suspension). Feel the flexing in the upper back. Now, while inhaling come back onto your knees, sit on them and stretch back again. Hold the breath in this position and then exhale coming downward and forward again. Continue the backward and forward movement as many times as suits you. (From three to ten times). Start with less repetitions and gradually build up to more.

Benefits: Tonifies the adrenals, liver and kidneys. Opens up the chest area and corrects the positioning of the vertebrae of the upper back. Stimulates the functioning of the thyroid. Brings blood into the lungs and heart. Corrects hunching shoulders.

5. THE HALF BRIDGE. Lie on your back, with your knees bent and your feet next to your buttocks. With your inhalation lift your buttocks and lower back into the air. Hold your breath while in that position. Exhale and lower the buttocks to the mat. Do this dynamically as many times as you can without forcing yourself. If you like you may make the posture in a static way. Lift your buttocks into the air and remain in that position breathing freely and slowly with your abdomen. Remain there as long as you feel comfortable.

Benefits: Stimulates the adrenals and kidneys. Strengthens the muscles of the thighs and lower back. Brings blood to the back, thyroid, parathyroid and head. Beneficial for the vertebrae of the neck and upper back.

6. HALF SHOULDER STAND. Place your mat or blanket close to a wall or any vertical surface. Lie down on your back, with your buttocks close to the wall and your legs resting upward on the wall. If you find it more comfortable, or want to bring more blood to the head and neck area, then place a pillow or two underneath the buttocks. Now there are various stages which one can perform according to his needs.

If possible bring your lower back and buttocks into the air and support your body with your hands placed on your waist, with your elbows on the mat. While supporting yourself with one leg, start rotating the other leg 3 to 7 times in one direction and then 3 to 7 times in the other. Then change legs and to the same. Inhale while simultaneously raising the arms up over the head and breath in that position and then start exhaling as you bring your arms back down by your side. Do this ten times with a ratio of 1:1:1 which means that the inhalation, retention and exhalation of the breath are equal in duration.

Now inhale, holding your breath and turn your head as far as you comfortably can to the left. Hold your breath in this position. Then exhale as you return your head to the center. Do this to the ratio of breathing mentioned previously, three times to each side alternatively.

After completing the previous stage continue to inhale, hold your breath and exhale slowly and deeply, with concentration on your breath. Do this until your breathing apparatus becomes tired. Mae the breath as slow as you can, now making the square breathing (1:1:1:1) in which the inhalation, retention, exhalation and suspension are all equal. Do this for ten to twenty breaths.

When you become tired of breathing, then simply relax in this position. With your eyes closed, relax all the upper part of your body, with special attention to your shoulders, neck, head, face, cheeks, eyes and forehead. When the body is relaxed, you can imagine healing energy flowing into the organs which need help. Imagine light, love, peace and energy flowing into those organs and healing them. Altogether, you should eventually be in this position for from 10 to 20 minutes.

Benefits: Blood flows down from the legs alleviating various circulatory problems of the legs. The blood flows through the lungs and takes more oxygen and then begins to flow into the neck, brain pituitary gland, thyroid and parathyroid glands, through the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and all other organs of the upper part of the body. The muscles of the neck are relaxed while all the organs are rejuvenated with a fresh supply of blood and oxygen.

7. THE FISH. Lie on your back on a mat. Place your arms under your body. Let them be straight with the hands resting palms underneath the buttocks. Now lift your upper back and let your head fall backwards and place the top of your head on the mat. Now you are resting on your buttocks, elbows with a little pressure on the top of your head. Remain in this position, breathing slowly and deeply. Remain as long as you feel comfortable and then relax. Do not do this if you have high blood pressure. Once you are able to do this in this way comfortable, you can leave your hands by your sides and support yourself on your head and buttocks. You can start by remaining only 20 sec. and gradually work up to 1 or 2 min. in this position.

Benefits: Stimulates and harmonizes the thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary glands. Corrects the hunching in the upper back. Releases tension from neck and shoulder. Releases energy flow to the liver and intestines.

8. PRAYER POSITION. Sit on your knees. Bend forward and place your forehead comfortably on the mat or floor. Adjust the position of your head and neck so that they are comfortable. If your buttocks can be resting on your calves, this is optimum. If not, lift hem as much as you need to in order to rest your head on the floor. Otherwise, put a pillow underneath your forehead so that you are more comfortable. Those with stiff ankle joints may want to put a pillow underneath the ankles or between the ankles and buttocks. The position will gradually be made without these aids. Remain in this position, breathe comfortably; this is a static position. There is no movement, only breath and relaxation. Remain for 3 to 10 minutes depending on how comfortable you feel.

Benefits: Blood flows to the neck, head, thyroid, pituitary, chest, heart and eyes. Relaxes the upper back and abdomen. Brings peace and rejuvenation.

9. DEEP RHYTHMIC BREATHING with control of the various acts of breathing, inhalation, retention, exhalation, suspension. This type of rhythmic breathing in which one breathes slowly and deeply counting mentally so as to create a peaceful but energized state of body and mind is perhaps the most effective way to create hormonal harmony. These breathing techniques can be practiced twice a day on an empty stomach for about five to ten minutes depending on one’s capacity. One should NEVER strain either in terms of breath retention nor in duration of the exercise. Always work within your comfortable limits. Regularity in practice is absolutely necessary for results. A suitable ratio for breathing would be 2:1:2:1 meaning that the inhalation and exhalation would be twice the duration of the retention and suspension.

10. DEEP RELAXATION TECHNIQUES in which one relaxes all of the body and then consciously send healing energies in the form of light, love, peaceful thoughts of positive images to the problematic organs can do much to restore the proper harmonious functioning of the endocrine and nervous system, and thus to all the other systems of the body which depend on these two master systems.

In conclusion:

1. Many physical and mental problems are the result of hormonal imbalances.

2. These are seldom discovered through normal medical examination, and sometimes cannot be determined even in specific tests.

3. It is preferable for a person to try to restore his natural hormonal balance through natural means before starting to chemical hormone tablets or surgery which have side effects.

4. The information presented in this article has been useful to hundreds of people here in Athens and millions around the world who have found greater health through them.

5. You too may be able to use this information for greater health and harmony in your life.

6. The results will depend on how conscious and disciplined you are in your employment of your self-therapy program.

7. You can be healthier if you want to.

8. Hormonal harmony and human harmony are interdependent.