The reasons can be varied and are often a combination of physical, emotional and psychic causes. For this reason, the problem requires a holistic approach in which an individual must make adjustments in his life style as a whole attempting to live with the laws of nature. Even his way of thinking must be transformed.


1. Hereditary disturbance in the immune system. 2. Improper feeding during infancy. 3. Lack of proper nutrients. 4. A toxic situation in the body. 5. A high percentage of processed foods and chemical additives in the diet. 6. Suppressed emotions, especially anger and fear. 7.A toxic environment.


The advice given for allergies is similar to a great extent to that for the endocrine system and for breathing problems. See those two sections for additional information.

1. Check to see what is actually bothering you. To do this you will have to fast on water or the juice of some food which does not usually create allergic reactions such as carrots, or watermelon, or apples of grapes. If your allergy is affected by the food you are eating, it should begin to disappear. It may take from 5 days to a week for the symptoms to recede. Thus you should get your doctor’s approval and expert guidance in doing the fast from a naturopath.

Once the symptoms have passed, then you start out by eating only one food such as carrots, or apples. If you see that there is no reaction after one day, you add one more type of food (or eat just one other type of food). In this way you begin to test out various foods to see which one or which combination of food substances may be causing this reaction in your body.

2. If you are not able to do that, then get various allergy tests to see the substances towards which you are sensitive.

3. The food substances which most frequently cause allergic reactions are milk and milk products, wheat and wheat products, eggs, potatoes and oranges.

4. When you are having a crisis avoid milk and all milk products, until it passes.

5. According to Airola, Manganese taken 15 mg twice a week for ten weeks can be helpful. (I have no experience concerning this).

6. Vitamins which are known to be helpful are C,A,D,E and B5. These vitamins should be allergy free. (They usually indicate so on the label. This is more specific for the E and B vitamins).

7. Drink plenty of warm water and add a little lemon juice if you like. It is especially useful to start out the day with warm lemon water.

8. Drink apple cider vinegar with each meal. (2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with teaspoon of honey).

9. Clean your nostrils with warm saline solution every morning. (No. 81)

10. Learn Kapalabathi from a teacher of yoga and perform it each morning after the washing of the nostrils. (No. 73)

11. Learn to do the alternate breathing and practice after the Kapalabathi each morning for about 5 minutes with the ratio 2:1:2:1 (No. 63)

12. If you have constipation, remove the problem immediately with the advice given in this book.

13. Get help from a reflexologist, who will massage your reflex points for the sinuses, endocrine system, head, solar plexus and kidneys.

14. If your problem is related to stress or emotional problems then you might get relief from shiatsu massage or spiritual healing on the spine, chest, abdomen and head.

15. Get help in analyzing objectively your emotions especially held in feelings of fear, anger and resentment. Learn to express your feelings in an effective and positive and creative way. Get involved in seminars and growth groups devoted to such work.

16. Practice the following techniques on a daily basis so as to develop an overall harmony in your body and mind. Be sure to practice deep relaxation and breathing exercises daily, as they are an important part of your self-therapy program.


These exercises have the following goals: 1. To free up the nerves along the spine in the upper thoracic and cervical area. 2. To stimulate the adrenals and in general the endocrine system. 3 To relax the nerves and the mind.

Drink a glass of warm water with a little lemon juice in it before performing your exercises.



1. Back & Forth Stretch. (3T) No. 20

2 Swing (30 T) No. 1

3. Sun Salutation Breathing No. 3

4. Head Rolls (5R, 5L) No. 31

5. Complete Breathing (double exhalation. No. 52)

6. Deep Relaxation 11. Deep relaxation


7. Cat (7T) No. 8

8. Salutation. to Earth (3T) No. 43

9. Cobra with turns (3R, 3L) No. 23

10. 1/2 Shoulder Stand (with series 3 & 4) (20M) No. 29



1. Back & Forth Str. (3T) No. 20

2. Swing (30 to 60 T) No. 1

3. Sun Salutation Breath No. 3

Head Rolls (5R,5L) No. 31

Cat (7T) No. 8

6. Sal. to Earth (5T) No. 43

Cobra with turns (3R, 3L) No. 23

8. Prayer position (5L) No 37 (20L) No. 29

Alternate Breathing (5L) 2:1:2:1 NO. 63

Deep relaxation


11. Cow’s Head Posture No. 21

12. 1/2 Bridge (3T) No. 11

13. Abdominal Contractions (3T) No. 38

14. Torsion (3LR, 3LL) No. 41

15. Fish (1/2 to 2L) No. 47

16. 1/2 Shoulder Stand (with series 3 & 4)

17. Deep relaxation


1. Start out with the first more simple series and, once you feel comfortable with that, start adding gradually new exercises from the suggested series.

2.The alternate breath should be developed gradually after mastering the more simple aspects of breathing. You can also develop the ratios spending a few weeks on each ratio in this series 1:2, 1:1:1, 1:1:1:1, and then 2:1:2:1 and then after about a year of daily practice 1:2:1:1.

3. Relaxation should be done faithfully daily. You can do it in the ordinary position or in the 1/2 shoulder stand. Once you have relaxed, imagine light in all parts of your body and then imagine that you are in contact with the substances or situations or seasons which affect you the most, and imagine that you have no reaction whatsoever even though you are present in those situations. Imagine that you are free from this reaction and able to live a natural and happy life. Imagine this daily in your deep relaxation. If you have emotional problems, imagine that you are feeling stronger and more peaceful and able to handle them, without fear or stress. Imagine your self happy and healthy.

4. Be sure to avoid foods which affect you and to drink plenty of warm water with a little lemon.

5. Wash your nostrils each morning as described earlier.

6. Eventually add other exercises such as the salutation to the sun, the shoulder stand and plough, forward stretch, bridge, camel and bow.

7. Observe your emotional reactions and try to make them more positive.