Sprouts are rapidly becoming popular all over the world as people are seeking an economic and healthy source of food value. A handful of seed can sprout into enough food to provide balanced nutrition for a whole week.

Almost any seed can be sprouted. You may want to try mung beans (these are sprouts you find in Chinese food), chickpeas (Hommos), wheat, lentils, sesame or sunflower seeds. All of these are abundant in this part of this world. One must purchase the whole unshelled and processed grains or seeds.

Here is a simple process which you can use:

1) Put about 1 cm. of seeds in the bottom of a jar.

2) Pour water in and let soak for 12 hours.

3) Secure a piece of cheese cloth or screen onto the top of the jar. You may secure it with a rubber band.

4) In this way you may rinse the seeds twice daily by pouring in water mixing the seeds and sprouts up and pouring the water out again. Let them germinate in a dark but well-ventilated area.

5) The seeds will be full grown sprouts within three to five days depending on the type. Now cover them and put into the refrigerator.

You may also use a large porcelain pot which has holes in the bottom for easy rinsing. Put the soaked seeds into the bottom and rinse twice a day by placing the seeds under running water.

Sprouts are very nutritious because they contain all elements a plant needs for life and growth. The endosperm of seeds in the storehouse of carbohydrates, protein and oil. When the seeds germinate, these become predigested amino acids and natural sugars upon which the plant embryo feeds to grow. This life force we eat it filled with energy which is capable of generating the cells of the body and supply us with new vigor and life. For this reason, sprouts can retard the aging process. Sprouts contain goodly amounts of male and female hormones, as well, in their most absorbable form. Research shows that sprouts are among the highest food in vitamins.

Finally, consider the tremendous potential of sprouts as a survival food. Sprouts alone can sustain and adequately nourish life and growth. If enough seeds are stored and dept dry, millions could be fed in the event of a catastrophe.

Sesame seed

Queen of the oil bearing seeds, sesame is superior to many seeds because of its high content of calcium and, especially, methionine. It is the staple food of the Mediterranean area. In its unhulled form, it contains more calcium than cow’s milk, one and a half times more iron than beef liver, three times more phosphorous than eggs, more protein than chicken, beef liver or beefsteak, and more niacin than whole wheat bread.

Wheat spouts

Contain vitamin E which provides oxygen to the body giving it tone and endurance. This vitamin is especially valuable in illness where the oxygen supply is limited: asthma, emphysema, etc. It has a healing effect in adolescent acne, inflammation of the vagina, burns, scars and helps dissolve blood clots. It is also recommended to people who are depressed as it contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B (especially B1) which generates all the nervous system.

It is know also that vitamin E prevents or corrects anemia. However, vitamin E should not be taken at the same time with iron. It has some effect in retarding the process of aging.

Note: Eat the sprouts as soon as you see the white coming out or, the latest, the next day – one coffee spoon each day to start with and gradually increasing the quantity. Remember to chew the wheat sprouts very well. Give wheat sprouts to your children instead of candies or chocolate as they also contain sugar.

Wheat sprouts are the best «pep» for athletes. They reinforce our defense mechanism.

Alfalfa sprouts

Need more room to expand. Use only one tablespoon for your first try and you will be amazed at the volume you will get. They are very delicate and best used raw in fresh green salads.

Mung beans and Lentils sprouts

Are more appropriately cooked briefly with a vegetable dish or lightly steamed.

Soy sprouts

Require even more cooking than the mungs beans and lentils and are nutritionally among the best.

Finally, sprouts are a very effective way of cleansing the system of waste products and mucus. Going on a sprout fast is an easy and wholesome way to begin the road back to health.

12 hrs. Warm Rinse twice a day.

3. Drain and use liquid for plants.