EFT seminars and personal appointments in Cyprus and Lebanon

I will be referring to some of my experiences from seminars and personal appointments in Lebanon and Cyprus.

The names have been altered, except in cases where indicated. All of these people were freed from their specific problems at the time of the appointment. I have not been able to contact them for follow up.


Here I will be supplying you at times just with the first phrase (A),

“Even though I have this ________, I deeply and profoundly love myself.
“Even though I have this ________, I accept and love myself as I am.”

In all of the cases mentioned, we worked on the other side of the body with the phrase (B),

” I choose (want, deserve, allow, realize that it is in m benefit) to be free from this _______.”

That would complete the set up and then we would continue with the reminder phrase.

In all of the cases people tapped for themselves at first so that they would learn and integrate the process. In some of the cases I then continued to tap for them for greater efficiency and economy of time, using at times Dr. Roger Callahan?s TFT algorithms.

1. Fear of an accelerating car, bus or plane:

One interesting case was “Barno” who experienced intense fear every time he was in a car, bus, airplane or any vehicle someone else was operating. One major aspect was the vibration and sound of the vehicle accelerating. This prevented him from being able to get around by car, bus or plane.

This fear would create a negative feeling in his genitals, which would then flow up into the abdomen and into the legs. This was the physical center of his fear experience.

We started out with the phrase:
a. “Even though I fear acceleration when others are driving…”
This brought up the specific aspect of the sound and vibration, which is created. So we moved on to,
b. “When I hear this sound and feel this vibration…”
This brought up two memories simultaneously.
c. One was an experience he had at the age of 13 when he experienced ejaculation while lying on his abdomen, without knowing exactly what was happening to him and experienced great fear, feeling that maybe he was ill.
d. The second was at the same age running from his home to a bomb shelter while hearing the sounds of bombs whistling through the air. These happened at the same time in his life and it was after this, that he began to have this fear and reaction in his genitals.
e. We worked separately on
“Even though I feared when I ejaculated…” and then
f. “Even thought I was afraid of the sound (vibration) of these bombs…”

There seemed to have been an association made between the vibration of the accelerating vehicles, the bombs and his fear when he ejaculated (without understanding what was happening).

Another common factor in these three seemingly independent stimuli is that in all of these cases, he was not in control. Outside forces seemed to be prevailing in:
1. The accelerating vehicle, driven by another.
2. The bombs falling.
3. The unexpected ejaculation.

I do not know if our theory – with which he agreed – is true but he did go from a SUD of 10 to 0, while imagining himself in an accelerating vehicle driven by someone else, focusing especially on the sound.

He was fine for the few remaining days I was there. I have had no communication with him after that.

2. Guilt, anger, pain, rejection and hate because of husband?s suicide.

Efi and her husband were having communication problems. He was depressed, drinking heavily and not doing anything to heal or help himself. She left for a week. He committed suicide.

You can imagine how many aspects were brought to the surface. We worked separately with each of her emotions as they came up, sometimes switching from one to the other so that we could bring down the previous one.

In our first session she focused on the pain of his loss:

a. We worked with the Pain of Loss.
“Even though I feel this pain at his loss…”
This brought up the
b. Anger at him for committing suicide and punishing her in this way.
“Even though I feel this anger at him for doing this to me …”
And then:
c. Anger at his family members who were blaming her for his suicide.
“Even though I feel this anger at his family for blaming me for his death …”
d. Then the pain of being rejected and treated badly by his family.
“Even though I feel this intense pain because of being rejected and accused by his family in this way…”

Until now she had been unable to recognize the obvious – her own feelings of guilt. I had asked her if she was feeling guilty but it was difficult for her to admit to herself. So, I let it be. Thus, we were not addressing the basic underlying emotion. Consequently we went from a beginning 10 on all the above to around 3.

In our next session, a few days later, I asked her again about the guilt and now she was able to see her feelings of guilt for having left him before he committed suicide.

So we worked on:
e. Guilt for not having been with him and having had these conflicts with him.
“Even though I feel this guilt for having left him before he committed suicide …”

This then caused her to understand that his family (and even her children at times) were simply reflecting back to her, her own feelings of guilt.
After a few more rounds, when she was able to free herself from her own guilt, all the other feelings disappeared.

She came down to a zero on all issues. She was at peace with herself and the others.

I have found this to be very common. Often behind anger we find pain and guilt which obstruct our freedom from anger. Anger is a mechanism, which allows us to avoid feeling our pain, guilt and sometimes our fear.

Thus when working with anger, hate or even pain of loss, I often look for fear or guilt as more core emotions.

3. Fear of Bankruptcy

Alice was unable to free herself from her fear of impending bankruptcy. She had headaches and was obviously in continuous anxiety throughout the EFT seminar in Cyprus. After doing EFT with a large group, I asked for hands of those who had not come down below a SUD of 5.

She raised her hand stating that she was still a 10. I asked her if she would like to come to the front of the room to work on this. She agreed but when I asked her to make the first set up statement, she suddenly had the need to vomit and I sent her with another woman to the toilets where she, in fact, vomited just at this thought of possibly having to succumb to bankruptcy. She had been unable to sleep for one week.

At the end of the first day, I asked her if she would like to stay 20 minutes and work on this. She agreed.

Her first feeling was that, “This is the end ? there is no life after bankruptcy.”

We worked on each of these in this series:
a. There is no life after bankruptcy
That brought up:
b. I will be a failure if this happens
which brought up
c. I am weak and can do nothing.
This then lead her to feel
d. Anger and then revenge towards those who were pressuring here to pay (7,000 $)
Then the feeling:
e. They are using me and abusing me.

Then, when we brought all of the above to 2 or less, I asked her to imagine giving the money, avoiding the bankruptcy and tell me what she felt.

She answered,
f. I feel that I am stupid a fool to pay this and that I will lose my self-worth if I pay them.
We then worked with, “Even though I feel that I lose my self-worth if I pay them..”

When that came down to zero, I then asked her how she felt and what she wanted to do.

She answered, simply “The easiest thing to do is to pay them and relax.”

This is so indicative of EFT. She was sleepless, in agony and even vomited with the idea of working on it, and, she is now telling me, “the easiest thing to do is to pay what I owe”

This option was there all the time!!! She had the money. It was no big deal. She simply didn?t want to be the fool and let them get what they wanted. When she overcame that, she was free.

Although she had the money all the time, she was obstructed by her fear of losing her self-worth

The next day she came in beaming and expressed her gratitude that she had become free from this emotional and physical ordeal. She had slept deeply and was beaming all day long.

4. Anger at brother in law

Suzan?s husband had died four months earlier from cancer.
She was very angry with his brother because he was behaving in a way which caused her and her husband and children to experience pain and injustice during and after her husband?s painful illness and death.

We started with her
a. Anger
and then
b. Hate

This surprisingly became
c. Jealousy because he and his wife were living a fine life and were accepted and respected by the community.
This lead to the:
d. Need to expose him to the community so that everyone could see “who he really was”.

This then lead us to the realization that:
e. She needed his acceptance because without it
f. She would have to work more to gain the acceptance of the community.

She feared losing the village?s acceptance because of her negative relationship with him and his wife who used to a be very good friend of hers.

After working on these, when I asked her about how she felt about forgiving them, the answer was.
g. They will not forgive me.
h. I feel like I will be losing my self-worth if I forgive them and they do not accept.
We worked on these until she felt okay regardless of the community?s beliefs and her brother in law?s behavior.

Suzan came down to a zero on all aspects of this issue.

What comes up here is that we often find forgiveness difficult when we:

a. Are afraid of that the other will not respond.
b. Still need something from the other, which we fear we will not get.
c. Believe that such forgiveness would make the other think that he or she is right and thus we are wrong.
d. When we do not want to confront our feelings of fear.

I received an email from Suzan about a month later with the following message. The brackets are mine for clarification.

Dear Robert,
I want you to know how grateful I am to you for teaching me a treasure (EFT) that has been doing miracles to me. It is such a quick and easy remedy, such an easy way of relieving oneself from any unwanted feeling.
To be specific, on the day I saw you, and later in the evening, my elder
daughter noticed a change in me. She noticed I was calmer than usual and more relaxed. The fear I had from meeting brother (in law) and his wife or popping into the village, has diminished.
They were around on Saturday, but I was very relaxed and free from the very negative feelings I had before.
Five days later, I knew that they were going to be at a certain party with me along with around 25 people from the same circle.
The group is small, and this irritated me and made me a bit worried. So, I thought of the exercise and the tapping. I did that around four times moving from one feeling to the other, just the same way you did with me. I had such a nice evening, lots of self-confidence, and lots of thinking of you.
Thank you.
I do believe in your way (EFT). I believe it can change lives. It has started changing mine already.

5. Fear of riding in an elevator

Alice was afraid of riding in elevators ever since her mother?s death when she was about 26 years old. She is now 40.

She was also afraid of death. She chose to start with that, after a short discussion about which might be the core issue. The fear of the elevator was obviously included in the fear of death.

a. We worked on the fear of death and got it down to 1.
b. Then we worked on fear of riding in the elevator bringing the following aspects one by one down to 1 or 0.
a. Riding in the elevator
b. Being stopped in the elevator
c. Not being able to breathe if it stops
d. Darkness if it stops
e. Not being to get out if it stops.

Although, when she thought of each of these aspects she had no emotional charge anymore and she was quite calm, she was still not ready for a trial run in the elevator. (The elevators in Lebanon stop regularly due to electrical failures and we were on the seventh floor.)

I believe there were still other aspects we had not found (some perhaps from before birth) or some type of energy toxins working. I had to leave the next day and was unable to pursue this matter.

What is interesting here, however, are the various aspects of riding, stopping, breathing, darkness and not being able to get out, which came up as we worked on each previous aspects bringing the SUD down.

6. Anger at her girlfriend

Ann was angry with her girlfriend for something she had done many years ago. She saw her girlfriend, “every night in her dreams”

We worked on the anger (on the stage in the first day of the seminar) and got it down to 5.
As it wasn?t moving down anymore, I asked if she felt any guilt concerning her girlfriend. She immediately answered yes (she had not treated her well when she was in need) and that the SUD for the guilt was a 5, just like the anger.

We worked on the guilt and when it came down to zero so did the anger.
She was freed from the problem and the pain, which it was creating for her.

Again we see that guilt is the actual core emotion behind anger or pain.

7. Fear of touching his eyes.

For the last 40 years Dimitri was unable to touch his eyes and would cringe and shiver whenever he ever saw his wife putting in her contact lenses.

During the seminar his discomfort became even greater because of the need to make the eye movements in the gamut series. At the end of the first day, I asked them all to perform 5 rounds at home before returning the next day.

That night he got even worse and didn?t want to get up in the morning and had an aversion to coming to the next day of the seminar.

He came and while we were doing a tapping exercise for addictions, he remembered an experience from his childhood where he was very disappointed by his parent?s indifference towards something that was important to him. He then harmed his eyes and made them red and puffy so as to get their attention.

He tapped for this disappointment and rejection which he had felt during those years. After one round, he was released from that. He later informed us of what had happened explaining how simple it now seemed to him. He now perceived that what he did then was important for him and it did not matter whether or not it was important to his parents.

This type of cognitive change is so indicative of EFT transformations when the energy field is put in order and the emotional static is removed.

He showed us all how easy it was to touch his eyes now. And even asked his wife to take out and replace her contacts so he could check out his reaction. He was totally fine.

If he had not kept it up, he would not have been healed.
This verifies for me the importance of persistence on these issues. Some of us have this ability to continue even when not getting immediate results or even when getting worse.

Many, however, do not. In such cases, they require a seminar or an experienced practitioner to pressure them. If he had not come to the seminar that day (because his wife was coming), he might not have realized and worked on this.