A39 Miracles of Sai Baba: This very powerful spiritual being has performed many miracles which cause his followers to believe in his teachings

I have often quoted the sayings of Sathya Sai Baba in various books, and at lectures. Who is this man? What does He do? How does He do what he does, and why? What does he teach? How does he live? What is his advice to us? We will look into all these questions in this book which will be presented in three parts. In the first part, we will discuss his miracles and what part they play in his mission on earth. In the second part we will discuss his way of life, example and activities and projects. In the last part of the series we will give a brief introduction to his teachings.


The question of who Sai Baba is, is very difficult for anyone to answer. He is an enigma to our rational minds. He himself has said, «Do not try to understand me, just experience me». He is a man beyond the limits of the natural laws of time and space. He does not seem to be a normal human being, like the others that we have experienced in our lives. How do I know this? Because I have visited him in his monastery and spiritual community in India seven times and have observed him morning and evening for a total of over 300 days. Add to this meetings with hundreds of others who have had the same experience, and dozens of books which have been written about him, his miracles, his ways and his teachings written by people who had the chance to be close to him for longer period of time.


People have mixed feelings about Sai Baba. Some see him as an ordinary spiritual teacher. Others believe that he is an «Avatar» or an incarnation of God, a divine being like Jesus Christ. Others believe that he is a magician who is able to fool people into believing that he has special powers. Yet in the 65 years he has been performing miracles (he started when he was 4 years old) no one has been able to find out how he does it, or uncover any trickery in it. Among those who have initially doubted him and have eventually become convinced of his authenticity are many scientists and even a group from NASA space project in America. I have personally witnessed him materialize objects numerous times and there is no doubt in my mind that he actually materializes objects through the power of his mind and not through magic. It is not difficult for me to accept this, because I believe that matter is just condensed energy (Einstein E=mc2) and that energy is condensed consciousness or thought. Our thoughts are weak and scattered and our spiritual energy is undeveloped. Baba’s mind is strong and concentrated and his spiritual energy is unlimited, thus anything that he thinks of must become a reality. Our minds too create reality. But we have no control over our minds, and our reality is created by our subconscious beliefs and programmings. But Baba is an enlightened being, who has no dark, uncovered aspects of his mind. His mind is all light and truth. Whatever he wishes immediately becomes a reality. We too make our wishes manifest as reality, by working and making effort we eventually sooner or later get the desired object. With Baba there is no delay in time and no effort. His wish becomes an instant creation. Thus if he wishes to create an apple, fig, medallion, rosary beads, a statue, camera or ring or necklace, they immediately appear in his hand or before him or even afar somewhere else on the earth. Time and space are not obstacles before his will. This I have witnessed with my own eyes. He creates the above objects with regularity. Yet the variety of objects he creates are limitless, and always with a specific purpose and message for the person he creates them for. He creates most frequently (about twenty times a day) a sacred ash called VIBHUTI. This ash is used by spiritual aspirants for healing purposes or for raising one’s spiritual vibration before prayer or meditation. It has the same purpose as the Christians’ holy water. The use of sacred ash is an old custom in India, but in the past the ash was usually gathered from the sacred fire which burns in the temples. Sai Baba, however, materializes this ash with a circular movement of his hand and then drops it into your hand so that you may then eat it and gain various benefits from this dose of spiritual energy. Baba has explained that ash is used because it represents that basic element of life on the earth. These bodies are simply ash and will eventually die. The message is that we must think beyond the physical body.


Baba, himself, gives very little importance to these miraculous powers. He explains that all of us have these potentials within us. He performs miracles simply to get our attention so that we will listen to his spiritual message. He has said: «I give you what you want, so that you will eventually ask for what I have come to give you – spiritual enlightenment». He makes miracles, so that we may believe. This was Christ’s reason too, as he clearly expressed in a number of cases in the Bible. When His disciples asked Him why the blind man He healed was born blind, He answered, «in order to show the glory of God». He intimated the same when they heard the news about Lazarus death, before Christ went to resurrect him. Again he made his motive in performing miracles clear when he spoke to the villagers of Choraz in and Bethsaida.

Matthew 11.20:
The people in the town where Jesus had performed most of his miracles did not turn from their sins, so he reproached those towns. «How terrible it will be for you, Chorazin! How terrible for you, Bethsaida! If the miracles which were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon, the people there would have long ago put on sackcloth and sprinkled ashes on themselves, to show that they had turned from their sins! I assure you that on the Judgment Day God will show more mercy to the people of Tyre and Sidon than to you! And as for you, Capernaum! Did you want to lift yourself up to heaven? You be thrown down to hell! If the miracles which were performed in you had been performed in Sodom, it would still be in existence today! You can be sure that on the Judgment Day God will show more mercy to Sodom than to you!.»

Perhaps it would be useful to point out that what appear to be miracles to us are those phenomena which seem to contradict what we «believe» to be the laws of nature. When our understanding of time and space and the laws of nature expand beyond their present narrow limits, we will understand that all these «miracles» are perfectly natural phenomena. Two basic truths will help us to see how unmiraculous these miracles are. The first is that in reality there is no objective absolute time or space, something which modern physics is verifying. The second is that the mind is the creator of all reality and if we can direct its functioning we can create whatever we like. What other miracles does Sai Baba make in order to increase the faith in the spiritual reality behind this physical one? The number and variety of these unusual and mind expanding miracles are beyond any one man’s mind to contain. At least thirty books have been written, each with from tens to hundreds of cases of miracles which are known and documented. But this must be only the tip of the iceberg in relationship to the miracles which go unknown and unprinted.


Baba also materializes photographs. One well documented case is that of a man who was visiting the ashram who felt need to smoke but was not permitted to in the ashram. He used to go behind the canteen to smoke. When Baba took him for a personal interview, he joked with the man about his smoking on the premises. The man denied it feeling guilty. Baba asked him, if he was sure that he was not smoking on the ashram grounds. The man denied again the fact. Then Baba said to him that he had proof and, with a wave of his hand, materialized a photograph of the man smoking behind the canteen. The man was of course shocked and gave up smoking that moment. It is not difficult for me to believe that such a powerful mind could project any image it wanted onto a piece of photographic paper. Other people in the West have also done this. But in this case Baba also materialized the photographic paper. Another case has to do with the photograph of Jesus Christ which is printed along with this text. (Yes, I said photograph). Leonard Sleath, an English friend of mine, who had visited Baba sent me this image with the following explanation which I quote here.

In April or May this year there was an Englishman at Prashanti Nilayam Sai Baba’s spiritual community and he said to Baba at Darsahan, «I am very happy to be here and can take a photograph of you. I am sorry that I cannot also take a photograph of Jesus Christ and speak to him». At this point Baba said to him, «You shall have a picture of Jesus», and the man’s camera started to click by itself. When the film was developed all the negatives had this same picture of Jesus. A few days later Baba saw this man at Darshan and said, «By the way, Jesus was thirty years old on that picture.

Such a miracle requires powers beyond our understanding. The ability to know the past, to know Jesus as he was then. Then the ability to project that image onto the film in the Englishman’s camera, and to cause the camera to click allowing the film to move forward imposing the image on every negative. What a wonderful gift, a picture of how Jesus Christ actually looked, beyond the various artistic interpretations which we have, which are obviously at least partially a function of the conditioning and environment of the artists. Another point to notice here is that Baba accepts all religious paths. He is not interested in having people worship Him as God. He has clearly said that he does not want us to change our religious beliefs or way of worship, just because we see his miraculous powers or are inspired by his teachings. He has not come to create a new religion based on his personality and teachings. He is simply reviving the teachings of Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha and Rama. He encourages each one to continue along his traditional way of worship, but with renewed sincerity and devotion. Thus he often materializes crosses and images of Christ for Christians who visit him. Christmas is worshiped at the spiritual community in India with the same devotion and love as the feasts of other Eastern religions and Baba always gives a very inspiring speech about following the example and message of Christ. Baba says, «THERE IS ONLY ONE RELIGION, THE RELIGION OF LOVE».


Baba also frequently materializes rings, medallions and various precious stones such as pearls, gold and diamonds etc. His message here is simple, «See how cheap these objects are which you all crave after and give so much importance to. With one movement of my hand they appear». These objects serve as reminders to those who have been gifted with them, of Baba’s unlimited power and continuous relationship with them. He is helping them to realize that he is always with them, watching over their lives, aiding them in moments of difficulty. He is saying «Why fear when I am here». Thus, these otherwise meaningless objects serve to increase the faith and feeling of security on the part of those who own them and even for others who see them. In a number of cases, when an individual continues to live his life in an immoral way after receiving such a divine gift, it has been known to disappear. A number of individuals have sheepishly reported to Baba that they have «lost» the object which he gave them, only to hear Baba answer, «No, no, you didn’t lose it. It came back to me. Your faith is not strong enough». And with a wave of his hand the object appears again. Another one of his divine jokes is to change the appearance of objects he gives. I have seen him take rings which have a certain shape or image on them, and then blow on them and give them back to the individual, who is shocked because the ring had completely changed shape or image. These changes too have a meaning in the life of the individual. They signify some change of focus, some new phase in his life. Nothing Baba does is without meaning. It is often difficult to discover the reason, however, because he is not always very helpful. He, like Christ, speaks often in riddles and parables. He does this purposely to force us to question and sharpen our own powers of understanding and discrimination. He likes to confuse us and challenge our mental processes and limited concepts of the world around us. One clear example of such a transformation of perception is that of Dr. Bhagavantam, one of the greatest scientific minds in India. He was extremely skeptical of Baba’s miraculous powers. But through various experiences with Baba his perception of reality was completely changed. He once mentioned how amazed he was that Baba was able to permanently stick a ruby on a metallic statue without glue or other aid. This surprised him even more than the fact that Baba has materialized the ruby out of thin air. Dr. Bhagavantam eventually became Baba’s official interpreter at formal discourses. When he was once interviewed as to whether he believed Baba was an «Avatar» (Incarnation of God), he said that this was a difficult question for any human mind to answer, but that one thing was sure «that if he is not divine, he is at least super human». Baba has also gifted spiritual aspirants with special boxes which continually create vibhuti ash. These boxes never empty. This phenomenon of vibhuti forming in various parts of the world I have witnessed for myself in New York City in an apartment where I saw vibhuti forming abundantly on pictures and statues of Christ, Mother Mary and Sai Baba as well as other western and eastern saints. This vibhuti is collected every day and then distributed to those who need help with illnesses or with their spiritual growth process. Then every day more vibhuti appears on the images. This phenomenon is occurring in hundreds of homes and Sai Baba centers all over the world as a symbol and message of the omnipresence and omnipotence of the divine. Such miracles concerning miraculous icons are not strange to the Christians who have faith, especially to areas where many faithful are gathered such as Mount Athos here in Greece. Baba has also given to a number of people special small vases or stones which continually produce a special sweet nectar like substance called «amritum». This is similar to the mythological nectar which gives the gods their immortality. (Not that I have seen anyone become immortal by taking this delicious liquid.) I have seen some stones which do continually «sweat» this substance. I have tasted it. Others use it for healing purposes. Once when the gentleman who was gifted with these stones started to sell the liquid, they immediately stopped producing. He realized his mistake and ran to Baba begging for forgiveness, promising never to accept money again. The stones started again to produce as before.


Baba heals many people without the use of vibhuti or amritum. Many have gone to him or simply called out for help there in the cities and countries where they live and have been cured of incurable diseases such as cancer, leukemia, arthritis, diabetes and even paralysis and addiction to various drugs such as alcohol and heroin. However, not all who go or pray are healed. As with Christ, many factors seem to be at play. One important factor is the faith of the individual. A second one is what is best for that individual. Some people «need» their illness and problems in order to force them to wake up out of their spiritual ignorance. Their problem is, in the end, their blessing. They grow spiritually through facing those problems and illnesses, and Baba’s main goal is our spiritual evolution. Thus in many cases, he gives strength, courage, hope and encouragement to the individual, helping him to find the powers within him to make the necessary changes in his character so as to get free from this problem. This in most cases is a much greater miracle and gift than a healing. When we are healed by someone else, we lose the opportunity to develop spiritually, unless that healing serves to strengthen our faith and becomes a reason to change our way of thinking and lifestyle. These are the cases, I believe, in which God-men heal so as to increase the faith of many. Otherwise they do not interfere with each person’s growth process. This then is Baba’s greatest miracle and the purpose behind all his miracles and actions – the TRANSFORMATION OF HUMAN CHARACTER. This is the purpose of his incarnation, to help us develop LOVE, PEACE, WISDOM and RIGHT ACTION.


Baba also works on the mental and subconscious levels. He is able to communicate with all beings, no matter where they are, through their dreams or meditations. He has often appeared to people in their dreams before they learn who he is on the physical plane. He may visit a person in his dreams giving him advice and help for years before that person will find out that his nightly visitor actually exists on the earth in a physical body. Others of us, who have first come into contact with him on the physical plane, start to have dreams in which he comes and gives us messages and advice concerning our material and spiritual lives. Some may question, how we know that it is really Baba and not our own imagination or higher self which is speaking to us in these cases. For me this question is not important. I do not consider Sai Baba to be that orange robed body which lives in India. For me he is a manifestation of our own collective Higher Self which remains hidden from our undeveloped spiritual eyes. Thus it has manifested into a physical form so that we may see it and relate to it. There is no need for an individual to relate to that particular form of Sai Baba in order to get in touch with his higher self. He could use any form i.e. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or no form at all. This is a personal matter, and one which may change in the process of one’s spiritual development.


Baba also has knowledge of all our thoughts. He has shown this thousands of times to various devotees as he describes to them thoughts which they have, which they have never told to anyone. Although he knows every thought and feeling which has passed through one’s mind, he accepts that individual exactly as he is, with love and compassion. Often he will joke with a person about his negative thoughts and wayward mind (which he calls a monkey mind) but although he is saying the worst things about you, you feel such a shower of love and acceptance, that you are happy to hear whatever he may say. He sees all this without judging you, or making you feel bad about it. He encourages you to get on with the task of changing the situation without making you feel badly that you are the way you are.


Baba also has power over the elements. We have often witnessed the rain stop when he comes out to give darshan (to walk among the people). In another case he has even made a rainbow. Following is a humorous and true story about a hollywood director Joel Riordan who was very skeptical about Baba and his authenticity, and decided to test him. Here is an excerpt from the book by Australian author Howard Murphet called Sai Baba Avatar. Here is Murphet’s account of how Joel explained to him the story of how Baba created a rainbow for him to remove his doubts.

Just before I left Hollywood, I was having lunch with an important guy and – to give him a laugh – told him what I was planning to do. He seemed to have heard of Sai Baba, or read about him – may be in Schulma’s book, or yours – any way, he said «What are you going to ask him for, Joel? Then the idea came to me, I answered: «They say this character is God – so I’ll ask him for something only God can make – a rainbow». He laughed, and we talked about other matters. But I decided that was what I would ask for. Did your luncheon friend know any of the Sai Baba devotees in California, Joel? He grinned. I checked on that later – for the same reason as you ask. No, he did not. He lived in a different world from them. No chance that anyone carried the story to Swami. Anyway, a few days after that I flew to India, bringing Diana and Chrissie with me. It was early afternoon when we arrived in Puttaparti, and an hour or so later we went for a walk up that hill behind the hospital. It was a hot, dry day and we went up for a breath of air. We sat on some rocks and looked out over the country. Grim, it looked, and parched – made me feel dehydrated just to see it. Then in the western sky a bright rainbow appeared. Odd, I thought, how can you have a rainbow without a drop of moisture in the air? Something else struck me, too, as peculiar. Instead of being curved in the usual way, the rainbow stood straight up in the sky like a column. I felt a bit spooky about it. Had this character heard my words right across in America, and caused this phenomenon? Then the colors started to fade out from the bottom up. I felt I needed to drink. But of course there’s no alcohol at Puttaparti, and even the water was warm in that season. He stopped speaking, to watch Swami’s two young camels go past grabbing mouthfuls of hedge as they went. «Did Diana see the rainbow, and did she know you had threatened to ask Swami for one?» I said. «Yeah. I mentioned it to her on the way over on the plane. She saw the rainbow all right – ask her, yourself». «So, what then?» We came down from the hill, and there was a message that Swami wanted to see us. Diana got more excited about that than she did the rainbow, but as we had come a long way, it seemed natural enough to me that he would see us on the first day. When we walked into the interview room, Swami’s first words knocked me out: «Well, character, how did you like your rainbow?» It was too dumbfounded to answer. He knew my name for him, and what I was going to ask for, and had put that odd rainbow in the sky! It all blew my mind. Well, I sat with the others on the floor, hardly hearing, and not understanding, what he was talking about. In fact, my mind was racing about like a rat in a trap, trying to find a way back to the common-sense world I knew. O.K., granted he was a mind-reader telepathy does exist between people it’s been proved scientifically. But the rainbow must have been an hallucination – or I had been hypnotized. I’ll give him another test, I thought to myself; I will ask him to produce some fresh fruit, out-of-season, right here in this room, without warning. A few minutes after I’d had this thought, Swami stopped talking and waved his hand in his usual way. When he turned it up I saw a fresh fig sitting on his palm. He handed it to me without a word. I ate it later, it was as fresh as a fig just picked. Yet figs were out of season, and – I learned later – none grew in that area, anyway. Joel’s sharp blue eyes looked at me as if to say: «Now what about that for a script, and all absolutely true!» «So, when you found he was not a fake, you left Hollywood and came to live near him?» I remarked.


Baba has also performed two dramatic resurrections of dead men. One was the case of Walter Cowan an American businessman, and the other was an Indian gentleman whose wife and daughter pleaded much like Mary and Martha in the Bible. Following are these well documented accounts. The first is taken from the book THE HOLY MAN AND THE PSYCHIATRIST by American psychiatrist Samuel Sandweiss. Documented accounts of Sai Baba’s powers must number in the thousands. Many have been collected in Howard Murphet’s exciting and informative book «Man of Miracles». Following is one of the most dramatic stories that I have heard, related here because of its uniqueness and its bearing on what happened to me later. It concerns the reported resurrection of Walter Cowan, allegedly brought back from the dead on Christmas Day in 1971. Dr. John Hislop, a former professor and corporate executive, now retired and living in Mexico, was a witness to this extraordinary drama. Here is a summary of his account: Early Christmas morning, news spread among devotees gathered about Baba than an elderly American had suffered a fatal heart attack. Upon hearing the rumor, my wife and I at once went to the Cowan’s hotel, where Elsie confirmed that her husband Walter had died. She had prayed to Sai Baba for help and with great self-control and recollection of human mortality had ended the prayer with, «Let God’s will be done». Walter’s body was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Later that day, when Elsie and her friend Mrs. Ratan Lal went to the hospital they found that Sai Baba had already been there as well. To their utter amazement they found Walter alive. Recognizing the need for documentation of Walter’s death in the form of medical reports and witnesses testimony, Dr. Hislop investigated the matter fully. At my request, Judge Damadar Rao of Madras interviewed the doctor who had attended Walter when he arrived at the hospital. There was no sign of life. He pronounced Walter dead, then stuffed his ears and nose with cotton. The body was covered with a sheet and moved to an empty room. The doctor then left the hospital and missed seeing Sai Baba while he was there. Upon returning to the hospital after Sai Baba had left, the doctor found Walter alive. He was unable to explain this. Later that day Sai Baba informed his devotees that he had indeed brought Walter back to life. He did not disclose the reasons for doing so, however; this remains a mystery he has not yet chosen to explain. There were two or three subsequent occasions on which Baba attended to Walter’s health in an extraordinary manner. Dr. Hislop describes Baba’s delivering a spiritual discourse and giving out awards at a meeting which he attended. After the meeting, Baba turned to Hislop and said: «While I was talking in the meeting, Mrs. Cowan called me. I at once went to the hospital and did what was necessary. Mr. Cowan’s health had taken a bad turn». Hislop continues: «So even while busy on the speaker’s platform, Sai Baba had gone to the hospital and performed what was necessary. Yet to the eyes of my friends and myself he had continued in speech and action on the platform the whole time. How does one explain this mystery? When Walter had recovered sufficiently to be moved from Madras to Bangalore, he was described by Hislop as appearing extraordinary well. Dr. Ghaneswaran, with whom my wife and I had been acquainted for several years was the Cowan’s attending physician in Bangalore. He had obtained Walter’s medical history, with its specific laboratory tests showing severe diabetes of long standing and various other diseased conditions. He compared it with his own laboratory tests and could scarcely believe the results. Not only were the diabetic symptoms now completely absent, but the tests for other diseased conditions proved to be negative as well. He claimed in amazement, «Only the Divine Baba, only God himself could do this». The following is an account by Walter Cowan himself of his apparent death and resurrection under the grace of Sai Baba: While in the Connemara Hotel in Madras, two days after I arrived, I was taken very sick with pneumonia. As I gasped for breath, suddenly all the body struggle was over, and I died. I found myself very calm, in a state of wonderful bliss and the Lord Sai Baba was by my side. Even though my body lay on the bed, dead, my mind kept working throughout the entire period of time until Baba brought me back. There was no anxiety or fear, but a tremendous sense of well-being, for I had lost all fear of death. Then Baba took me to a very large hall where there were hundreds of people milling around. This was the hall where the records of all my previous lives were kept. Baba and I stood before the Court of Justice. The person in charge knew Baba very well, and he asked for the records of all my lives. He was very kind, and I had the feeling that whatever was decided would be the best for my soul. The records were brought into the hall, armloads of scrolls, all of which seemed to be in different languages. As they were read, Baba interpreted them. In the beginning they told of countries that have not existed for thousands of years, and I could not recall them. When they reached the time of King David, the reading of my lives became more exciting. I could hardly believe how great I apparently was in each life that followed. As the reading of my lives continued, it seemed that what really counted were my motives and character, as I had stood for outstanding peaceful, spiritual and political activity. I do not remember all the names, but I am included in almost all of the history books of the world from the beginning of time. As I incarnated in the different countries, I carried out my mission – which was peace and spirituality. After about two hours, they finished reading the scrolls, and the Lord, Sai Baba, said that I had not completed the work that I was born to do and asked the judge that I be turned over to him to complete my mission of spreading the truth. He requested that my soul be returned to my body, under his grace. The judge said: «So be it». The case was dismissed and I left with Baba to return to my body. I hesitated to leave this wonderful bliss. I looked at my body and thought that it would be like stepping into a cesspool to return to it, but I knew that it was best to complete my mission so that I could eventually merge with the Lord, Sai Baba. So I stepped back into my bodyΖ and that very instant it started all over again – trying to get my breath, being as sick as you could be and still be alive. I opened my eyes and looked at my wife and said, «You sure look beautiful in pinkΖ» After Hislop had heard Walter give this account, he asked Sai Baba whether Walter’s experience was real or some sort of hallucination or illusion. Baba replied «The experience was a real experience, not an illusion. It was an experience occurring within Mr. Cowan’s mind, and I myself was there – directing and clarifying the thoughts». When asked if every person has similar experiences with death, Baba said «It is not necessarily so, some may have similar experiences, some not».


The second case is reported to us by Australian author Howard Murphet in his book SAI BABA THE MAN OF MIRACLES. One evening Radhakrishna went into a coma and his breathing was that of a dying man. Alarmed, the wife dashed off to see Swami. The latter came to the room, looked at the patient, said, «Don’t worry. Everything will be all right», and left. On the next day the patient was still unconscious. Mr. K.S. Hemchand, the son-in-law, brought a male nurse of the district who, after failing to find any pulse and making other examinations, gave as his opinion that Mr. Radhakrishna was so near death that there was no possibility of saving him. About an hour after this the patient became very cold. The three anxious relatives heard what they thought was the death rattle in his throat and watched him returning blue and stiff. Vijaya and her mother went to see Baba who was at the time upstairs in his dining room. When they told him that Radhakrishna seemed to be dead, he laughed and walked away to his bedroom. Vijaya and her mother returned to the room of the dead man and waited. After a while Swami came in and looked at the body, but went away again without saying or doing anything. That was on the evening of the second day since Mr. Radhakrishna had become unconscious. The whole of the next night passed while the three stayed awake and anxiously watched for any signs of returning life. There were no signs. Yet they still had faith that Baba would somehow or other, in his own way, save Radhakrishna, for had he not said that everything would be all right? On the morning of the third day the body was more than ever like a corpse – dark, cold, quite stiff and beginning to smell. Other people who came to see and sympathize told Mrs. Radhakrishna that she should have the corpse removed from the ashram. But she replied, «Not unless Swami orders it». Some even went to Baba and suggested that, as the man was dead and the body smelling of decomposition, it should either be sent back to Kuppam or cremated at Puttaparti. Swami simply replied, «We’ll see». When Mrs. Radhakrishna went upstairs again to tell Baba what people were saying to her, and ask him what she must do, he answered: «Do not listen to them, and have no fear, I am here». Then he said that he would come down to see her husband soon. She went downstairs again and waited, with her daughter and son-in-law by the body. The minutes dragged by – an hour passed – but Swami did not come. Then, when they were beginning to despair entirely, the door opened and there stood Baba in his red robe, copious hair, and shining smile. It was then about half past two in the afternoon of the third day. Mrs. Radhakrishna went towards Baba and burst into tears. Vijaya too began to cry. They were like Martha and Mary, the sisters of Lazarus, weeping before their lord who, they thought, had come too late. Gently Baba asked the tearful women and sorrowful Mr. Hemchand to leave the room. As they left, he closed the door behind them. They do not know – no man knows – what happened in that room where there were only Swami and the dead man. But after a few minutes Baba opened the door and beckoned the waiting ones in. There on the bed Radhakrishna was looking up at them and smiling. Amazingly the stiffness of death had vanished and his natural color was returning. Baba went over, stroked the patient’s head and said to him, «Talk to them, they are worried». «Why worried?» asked Radhakrishna, puzzled. «I’m all right. You are here». Swami turned to the wife: «I have given your husband back to you, he said. Now get him a hot drink». When she brought it, Swami himself fed it to Radhakrishna slowly with a spoon. For another half hour he remained there, strengthening the man he had «raised». Then he blessed the whole family, placing his hand on Mrs. Radhakrishna’s head, and left the room.


As previously mentioned there are so many such miracles which have been reported and documented, that a whole encyclopedia of many volumes would be required to contain them. Also it is important to remember that these miracles have no significance to Baba himself. He relates to them as we relate to our ability to talk, walk, eat and drive a car. These are his natural abilities, just as the previously mentioned abilities seem natural to us. He never tried to develop them. They were manifest within him from birth. He performs these acts to wake us up. To help us believe in the existence of the divine. To get on with the spiritual process. To stop being so blinded by material and sensual pleasures and goals. He is trying to awaken within us a feeling of the «Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man», beyond all religious, nation and racial differences. Baba is not seeking devotees. He has nothing to gain from anyone. He has everything within his power already. His only goal is to awaken us to our real spiritual nature. He encourages us to believe that we, and all beings around us, are manifestations of the one God. That we are immortal souls in the process of evolution. One does not need to to go India to have contact with the spiritual power which Sai Baba symbolizes and manifests. Nor does one need to concentrate on the form of Sai Baba. One can focus on Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Allah or any other name, or idea such as love or light which work for him as a symbol of the unlimited Divine Source of all creation. In the following chapter we will continue with an investigation into Baba’s way of life and activities. Then in continuation we will look briefly at his teachings.



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