Robert’s organization, “Harmonious Living” (Armoniki Zoi in Greek), has been active in Greece for the last 32 years. It has created a retreat center in nature, among olive, pistachio, apple and pear trees as well as abundant vineyards. This center, although secluded is only 10 minutes by car from the sea, 15 minutes from the airport and 35 minutes from Athens.

This has been haven for meditation, inner peace, self-reflection, inner discovery and learning for 20 years. Thousands have found their physical and emotional health as well as spiritual growth throughout these years.

Participants are encouraged but not obliged to participate in morning exercises and meditation. Although we suggest that participants sleep early and get a good rest, we have a number of after dinner activities for those who wish. We also consider dance (optional) and free expression to be an important part of releasing negative energies, contacting our inner self and of course experiencing unity with others.

The center, although secluded, is only 10 minutes by car from the bustling sea resort of “Porto Rafti” with beaches for swimming, restaurants and of course “Greek tavernas” with delicious Greek food. Ordinarily we ask our Greek members not to leave in the premises while doing this inner work, but for the first time, as you will be coming from outside of Greece, we are going to wave this limitation so that, those of you would like to, can combine this with a vacation in Greece. For the same reason, we have adjusted our program for that purpose.

You are, however, welcome to remain in the retreat center and enjoy the peace of being alone, healing your self, looking within and making life decisions. In addition to your room, there are places to be alone, such a small chapel and a Pavilion on the hill as well as a meditation room deep in the ground.

Note: Our center does not allow alcohol, meat, poultry, fish or drugs on the premises. Those of you who are accustomed to these will be able to find them (except drugs) in the evening in “Porto Rafti”. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms but there are areas specially designated for smoking about 50 meters from the buildings.