HS38 Fever


Fever is the natural attempt of the body to limit the multiplication of bacteria, which are endangering the health of the body. Fever is an important part of the body’s natural defense system. Thus in many cases it is not desirable to stop the action of the fever. Artificial fever is sometimes used in order to stimulate the body’s defense system. People who do not occasionally have a fever when they have an interior infection of some type probably have a weakness in their defense system. There are, however, specific cases in which the fever itself may become dangerous and should be controlled. In the case of young children, a fever should not be allowed to reach high temperatures or continue many days. The head especially should not be exposed to high temperatures. In cases where the fever rises too high, or in cases where it lasts many days, we may want to limit it with various measures. This is especially true for children, Below you will find some suggestions for controlling a fever as well as for helping it to fulfill its purpose which is the protection and purification of the body.


1. Microbes in the body. 2. Toxic build up. 3. Tiredness. 4. Hormonal disturbances. 5. A woman’s menstrual cycle. 6. Inflammation.


1. Drink plenty of liquids; water, juices, and herb teas. Lemon water and grapefruit and orange juice are especially useful.

2. Eat very little or not at all until the fever diminishes. If you feel hunger, then eat raw salads, soups or yogurt. Do not burden your body with heavy foods which require much energy to digest. Let the body use its energy to fight the infection or heal the body in the way that is is trying.

3. Vitamin C (in large doses – up to 3000 mg per day) and Zinc (about 20 to 40 mg per day) for three days will give a boost to the immune system and reduce or eliminate the need for fever.

4. Clean out the throat area with salt water or lemon water a few times a day.

5. If the head is very hot and brain cells are in danger, then cool the head topically with wet towels or wet green leaves (such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, sliced cucumbers or any large green leaves) placed on the forehead. Change them regularly until the area of the head is cooled sufficiently.

6. Take an enema with water 2 degrees lower than the present body temperature. This ill stop the fever in most cases. It will also remove toxins from the intestines and thus facilitate the process of self healing.

7. Get plenty of sleep and do deep relaxation frequently. You will feel much better and in this way the body can use the extra energy to heal itself much more quickly.

8. All types of massage can bring comfort and aid the healing process. In some cases however the massage may cause the fever to increase and the process of healing is accelerated. If there is fear of danger being done by the fever, then do not apply massage. If the body is strong and the fever is low, and you would like to facilitate the healing process, then massage is useful. If reflexology brings on fever, when there was none to start with, it means that there might be an undetected infection somewhere in the body.

9. Do slow rhythmic breathing with longer exhalation. This will cool the body. A special cooling effect can be done by letting the inhalation come in through the mouth passing over the tongue. See the Cooling breath (No.62).

10. While deep relaxation and slow rhythmic breathing are the most beneficial techniques to be applied, for those who feel up to it, some simple exercises can aid in the blood and energy flow and relieving building tensions. Some simple exercises which can be employed are the 1/2 bridge, the torsion, head rolls and the 1/2 shoulder stand (perhaps with the legs at a 45 degree angle). If you are able to do other exercises without strain, you may find that they will relax and help the healing energy in your body flow more freely. Static exercises in which you relax in the posture and more beneficial than the dynamic ones in the case.

11. Take plenty of liquids, vitamin C and get plenty of sleep and deep relaxation.

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