Connecting to the Christ Energy

The following technique can be used as an introduction to prayer or meditation or a meditation in itself.

One way of connecting to the Christ energy is to imagine Jesus standing in front as you sit with your eyes closed and your spine straight. Before you, feel His presence, energy, vibration, love and peace. Let these energies come forth and pass into you.

Now mentally imagine that you bow forward and place your forehead on His bare feet. Feel His energy pour into your forehead and purify your mind. Mentally create the feeling that you are surrendering your will, your desires, your needs, the results of all your actions, your body and your life itself to the Divine.

Once you feel that this part has come to a completion, imagine yourself sitting with the spine straight again with the Christ in front of you radiating His energy towards you. At this point we have some options:

1. Imagine that Christ’s rays of energy permeate your heart center and then your forehead and saturate them with this divine energy. Remain in the sensation of this energized state.

2. Imagine that Christ’s form becomes very small and moves toward you and establishes itself in your heart. Imagine that Christ is in your heart. You decide if He is sitting or standing there. Imagine that He is emanating love, peace and power from within you towards all from your heart center. Remain focused on this, or move on to your preferred form of prayer or meditation.

3. Imagine that Christ moves behind you and stands behind your back. Now imagine that He places both hands on the top of your head and passes His blessings and energy into the top of your head. Let this energy fill your brain and then move down into the rest of your body. Let this energy continue expanding until every aspect – every cell of your being, including your mind, are immersed in this vibration which is flowing in through the top of your head.

These Christ meditations can be used as a method of entering into prayer or meditation independently of what object of meditation you are accustomed to using.

If you belong to some other religion, you may use these methods of focusing with the form you are accustomed to worshiping.

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