Dealing with testing times


Ch 1. Remaining Healthy, Happy and Positive during “Testing Times”

Ch. 2 Care for your Body

Ch. 3 Strengthening the Mind

Ch. 4 Cultivate Positive Thoughts and Feelings

Ch. 5 Using Energy Psychology for Getting Free From Fear, Anxiety and Other Negative Emotions.

Ch. 6 The Twelve Step Manifestation Process

Ch. 7 Ho’oponopono and how to Transform our Reality by Purifying Ourselves

Ch. 8 Learning to Live in the Present

Ch. 9 Letting go of Negative Emotions with the Sedona Method

Ch. 10  The Importance of Gratitude

Ch. 11 Methods for Increasing and Balancing Our Energy

Ch. 12 Using the “Freeze Frame” Method for more Inspired Solutions and Alternative Perceptions


Ch. 13 Being a «Light Worker» is the Key to Real Happiness, Success and Abundance


Ch. 14 Creating Peace through Truth


Ch. 15 Twenty Five Ways for You and Your Loved Ones to Maintain Health, Happiness, Peace & Abundance During “Testing Times”

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