Questions for Finding our Life Purpose

The famous psychiatrist Victor Frankl was a believer in «Logo therapy» from the two Greek words “logos” (reason) and “therapeia” (Therapy). He believed that if a person could find a reason to be well, a reason to live, a meaning to his or her life, then he or she would come into harmony.
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Manifesting Our Inner Potential

Self Limiting Elephants

Elephants born in captivity are restrained by a chain that attaches one leg to a metal spike driven into the ground. This prevents them from roaming. They become accustomed to the fact that, as long as the chain and spike are next to them, they are unable to move.
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Finding Our Life Purpose


Each of us has incarnated to play a specific. When we find our special role and play it with love, we experience contentment and happiness. When we lose contact with our life purpose, or do not have the courage to live it, we experience discontent and sometimes depression.
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Dealing With Criticism and Difference in Opinion

Why this is important

We often become emotionally disturbed during a disagreement, or an argument, or when someone criticizes us or disagrees with us. In such cases our personality usually feels hurt, demeaned and in danger.
When we feel this way, we destroy our own happiness, clarity and health and often behave in ways which we later regret.
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Create Happiness with a Positive Life Outlook (part 1 of 8)

The mind is the molder of our personal and communal world.

Every event we perceive through our senses is analyzed, evaluated and registered in the mind as pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Our belief systems seek to determine whether each perceived input is something, which will “protect” or “endanger” our security, self-worth and / or freedom.
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