The Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Loving

February 15, 2013


The Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Loving


From the book LOVE IS THE CHOICE By Robert Elias Najemy



Why Chose love? How does it benefit our life? What is in it for us? These questions may appear to be in direct contradiction with the ultimate meaning of love, which is to transcend our imprisoning exclusive identification with our personal self. But this is why it is useful to help this self-centered self to realize how much more it has to gain by choosing love over fear, mistrust, alienation self-protection, bitterness, resentment, pain and anger.


We have already mentioned the obvious – now scientifically proved – benefits to our health and healing. Here we will focus on the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.


Choosing love means overcoming fear, which is our greatest obstacle to health, happiness and success. As we remove our inner obstacles to love, we necessarily transcend our fears and doubts concerning self-worth, security and freedom.


Choosing love brings us in direct contact and confrontation with old beliefs and programmings, presenting us the choice to move forward to freedom from these or stay in our stagnant illusion of security.


Choosing love allows us to mature emotionally, mentally and spiritually, enabling us to higher levels of consciousness, spiritual perception and energy. We are then free to access greater creativity, joy and success in our lives.


Choosing love when someone harms us, means learning our life lessons and freeing ourselves from the cycle of karmic pain. By choosing to forgive and love, we break -for ourselves, at least – that cycle of harm, anger, hate and pain.


Choosing love gives us the energy to free ourselves from attachments and habits that obstruct our energy and love.


Choosing love encourages us to remember and employ spiritual truths in our daily life, thus enhancing our spiritual growth.


Choosing love inspires others to do the same. We and all of society then experience that increased expression on love. We all become more loved.


Choosing love brings us peace, because we experience harmony with our conscience and highest ideals. We feel good about ourselves and our lives.


Choosing love makes us wiser and stronger on all levels. True love can flow only from wisdom and strength.


Choosing love removes the veil of ignorance limiting our programmed mind.


Choosing love allows us to do unto others as we would like them to do to us. It allows us to be our highest self. To be the person we really want to be.


Choosing love brings us in alignment with my our purpose and that gives us peace, meaning and fulfillment.


By loving others, we create an atmosphere of love, understanding and trust. We then attract and enjoy that same love, understanding and trust from others. Others seek and enjoy our presence. We become a source of love, compassion, service, comfort and encouragement. We experience unity and friendship. We enjoy the beauty of loving and being loved.


We can choose love over fear, ignorance, bitterness, pain, anger, hate, revenge and alienation. It is worth facing every illusionary danger and doubt concerning our self-worth, security, freedom and control. We can choose love even over the fear and pain of rejection and death. There is nothing higher, nothing more beautiful, than love – it is worth all sacrifices and illusions. It is what allows us to experience our higher self. No amount of knowledge, wisdom or discipline opens the door to higher levels of consciousness, peace and happiness and easily as love.

When I Love You Purely

November 30, 2011

When I love you purely,
I wish for you to be always happy and healthy.

I respond to your soul needs but not always to your ego desires.

I joyfully offer my time, money and energy in support of your flowering soul.

I am happy about your successes, even when that means less attention and affirmation for me.

I accept you exactly as you are.

When I love you purely, you are for me like a flower, a unique expression of divine energy.

I see your inner beauty even when you yourself cannot express it.

When I love you purely, I communicate with you honestly, expressing to you my true needs, feelings and thoughts.

It is impossible for you to hurt me, because true love expects nothing and keeps no accounts.

I allow you to find your happiness with whomever and however you are guided from within.

When I love you purely, I see you not as my possession and ask not that you love only me. That would be to limit your soul and obstruct your growth universal love.

When I love you purely, I experience your true Divine Self; as true love is divine and perceives only the divine.

I can never fear for you even when you are passing through difficulties because I remember that you always have exactly the tests, which facilitate the manifestation of your inner magnificent and the power to deal with them.

When I love you purely, I leave you in the proper moments to find your own solutions and answers, even though I feel affirmed when I find them for you.

Out of love I allow you to discover the truth which is hidden within you.

However, in order to love you purely, I need to become stronger and cease needing you to feel secure or worthy.

I will need to transcend loneliness and be with you because l love you and not because I need you.

It is not possible to love purely that which I need.

Actually only from a position of inner strength, self sufficiency and fulfillment can I love you purely

An even when you leave your physical body, my sorrow will not be from my love but from my need for your physical presence.

You are a divine being, which will have been freed from its material vehicle.

My tears will be for me.
But for you I will be happy.

Go forward my love,
You belong not to me
but to the Universe.

For that is what you truly are…

The Universe.

The Stages of Love (part 6 of 6): Loving the Wave or the Ocean

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