Hidden Problematic Communication: Connected Containers

November 30, 2011

Communication between people with close emotional contact such as lovers, parents, children or members of the same family, is very much like the flow of water in two containers connected on their lower half. When the water level in one container is pressured downwards, it will naturally rise in the other container. Read the rest of this entry »

Inner Emotional Pressure: The Pressure Cooker

Each person is like a pressure cooker with its cap on. As long as the cap is on, no one can know how much pressure is built up inside us. Very often even we ourselves are not aware of how much pressure has built up in our system until it explodes the top off or starts to seep out of some weaker points in this «cooker». Read the rest of this entry »

Laser Power Mind

The common mind is like a 60 watt light bulb which gives off a pleasant, not very powerful light, able to light up a small room, so that we can see well enough to function. Its light is confined to the small room and does not penetrate the walls to light up what is behind them. Nor can it sufficiently light up a larger room. Read the rest of this entry »

Protecting Our Spiritual Sapling

When we plant a young tree sapling, we need to protect it from the various dangers to its safe survival. One danger is the lack of water. We need to see that it is watered frequently, until it is able to establish its roots deeply into the earth, insuring for itself a steady supply of water, regardless of external conditions. Read the rest of this entry »