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2 Responses to “Your Thoughts”

  1. keivan says:

    Dear Robert.e.Najemy would you please help me to have a simple concept of self doubt meaning.I know that it’s a result of self rejection but I cannot find a detail psychologic definition about that concept.
    thank you
    I’m one of your fan from IRAN

  2. Terrie says:

    Hi Robert,
    I just wanted to say that I bought your book “The Psychology of Happiness” and I love your website. One thing I do miss, though, is the ability to access all your material. I cannot play mp3’s on my laptop and there are downloads I would love to see but I cannot hear them. Is there any chance you will be putting them into text or pdf format? Thanks so much for all the help. I really believe in what you are doing and have just started a new site of my own where I would like to promote your site. Thanks Again,