Self Knowledge Questionnaires


There are a variety of techniques that we can use in order to become more aware of both our personality and our greater spiritual Self. Only a few of these can be shared in written format as they require personal guidance from an experienced teacher. All of the information presented here in this web site has the purpose of increasing your self-knowledge on all levels, especially the Self Clarification Process.
Self-Knowledge Questionnaires for the purpose of understanding your personality and its functioning more deeply.
Answering the questions presented in the following questionnaires will deepen your understanding of your self.


You will receive Eighty (80) Articles, notes and questionnaires for greater self-knowledge, understanding emotions, freeing ourselves from negative emotional patterns as well as working with the inner child, inner conflicts, forgiveness of others and self and discovering life purpose.

Some of the subjects covered are the following:

K_01 Something HappyAnalyze something which makes you happy.

K_02 Something Which Bothers Analyze Something Which Bothers You. Understand The Feelings And The Beliefs.

K_03 Why Love Self – Discover As Many Reasons As Possible To Love, Respect And Accept Your Self

K_04 Why Love Other Discover As Many Reasons As Possible To Love, Respect And Accept Someone

K_05 Active Listening Questions – Analyze The Mechanism Through Which Your Emotions Are Created

K_06 Obstacles To Love Others Discover Your Obstacles Towards Loving Others

K_07 Analysis Loving Selves Discover Your Obstacles Towards Loving Your Self

K_08 Understand Anxiety & Worry – Discover Why You Feel Anxiety, And Worry

K_09 Understand Hurt & Pain Understand The Mechanism Of Pain And Suffering

K_10 Understand Disappointment – Realize How You Create Disappointment

K_11 Understand Depression – Understand The Mechanism Of Depression

K_12 Understanding Jealousy – Analyze Why You Feel Jealousy Or Envy

K_13 Understand Loneliness – Discover How We Create Loneliness

K_14 Understand Self Doubt – Uncover The Roots Of Self-Doubt

K_15 Understand Anger – Realize How You Create Anger

K_16 Understand Blaming – Discover Why You Tend To Criticize And Blame

K_17 Analyzing Our Conscience – Discover Where You Conscience Is Bothering, And Why You Continue With Behaviors Which Are Not In Harmony With Your Conscience

K_19 Locate Emotions – Discover Where Your Emotions Store Themselves In Your Body

K_20 Relationship Questions – A List Of Questions For Couples To Answer, So As To Get To Know Each Other More Deeply

K_21 Life’s Lessons – Discover What You Have Learn From The Others’ Behavior Which Bother You

K_22 Inner Guidance – Investigate Possible Parts Of Your Self Which Do Not Want To Get Well, Or Make Changes For The Better.

K_23 Obstacle To Getting Well – Investigate Possible Parts Of Your Self Which Do Not Want To Get Well, Or Make Changes For The Better

K_24 My Relationship With God – Research Your Relationship With The Divine. How Do You Relate To God And Universe

K_25 Obstacles To Fulfillment – Discover Possible Obstacles Towards Fulfilling Your Life Goals

K_26 Obstacles To Growth – Understand Those Inner Obstacles To Your Spiritual Growth Process

K_27 Three Love Letters – Write A Love Letter To Someone You Love, Someone You Have Difficulty With And Your Own Self

K_28 Shadow + Mask – Analyze What You Hide In Your Shadow (Subconscious) And Place In Your Mask (How You Want To Appear) And Whether Or Not You Want To Make Any Changes

K_29 Freeing Selves From Mirror- Discover What You Might Be Doing Which Might Be Attracting From Others Behaviors Which Bother You

K_30 Sorting Feelings – Distinguish Between Your Feelings And How They Store In Your Body

K_31 Understanding Emotions – Analyze The Emotions You Do And Do Not Feel Comfortable With.

K_32 12 Steps Towards Conscious Love A Detailed Questionnaire Concerning How We Relate To Love Partners

K_33 Bioenergy Level – Discover How What You Do Affects Your Energy Level

K_34 Categories Of Beliefs – Put Order To Your Various Beliefs

K_35 Dream Analysis – Make Your Own Personal Interpretation Of Your Dreams

K_36 Contract With Self – Make A Contract With Your Self Concerning Goals And Decisions

K_37 The Three Gunas – Analyze The Nature Of Your Body And Mind

K_38 Active Listening Towards Someone – Make A List Of Questions, Which You Would Like To Ask Someone You Would Like To Understand More Deeply

K_39 Purifying Character – A List Of Questions Concerning How We Would Like To Have Cultivated Our Character Before We Leave Our Bodies.

K_40 Forgiveness- Who We Would Like To Forgive And Also To Ask Forgiveness From And For What

K_41 Leaving The Body – What Will You Miss When You Leave Your Physical Body

K_42 Life Goals – What Are The Goals Which We Would Like To Accomplish Before Leaving Our Physical Bodies?

K_43 Mirroring Possibilities – Discover What Aspects Of Your Self Might Be Reflecting Back To You From Others

K_44 Facing Death Of Loved Ones – Questions Concerning How We Feel About The Possible Departure Of Loved Ones

K_45 What To Actualize? – List What You Would Like To Actualize In Your Life.

K_46 Being Ready For Departure – How To Be Ready For Our Departure From The Physical Body Whenever That Might Occur

K_47 How You Want Things To End – Realize How You Would Like The Various Aspects Of Your Life To Unfold

K_48 Liberation From Childhood – A Detailed Analysis Of How We Can Discover The Programming Of Our Childhood Years

K_49 Positive For Roles – Find The Beliefs Which Will Aid You In Getting Free From Being Affected By People Playing The Roles Of Intimidator, Interrogator, Victim And Aloof

K_50 Making A Program For Change – A Detailed Guide For Making Specific Decisions For Self-Improvement

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