Life Lessons no 1- Self Suppression

Life Stories and Lessons 
S1 Situation & Lessons No. 1 – SELF SUPPRESSION

Anna does whatever she is asked to do despite the fact that she doesn’t want to.

Feeling mistreated, she grumbles, complains and bursts out in anger every so often, because of the resentment which accumulates within her. Although she feels suppressed, she finds it impossible to say “No”. She is afraid that they will not love her any more, that they will reject her if she refuses what they request of her.

She believes that their “love” for her is based solely in the prerequisite that she comply with their every wish.

Her family members have gotten used to Anna in this role, and now take it for granted that she will do to anything they ask of her. Even though she complains, plays the role of the victim, and frequently declares she will do no more, they do not hear this, because her actions never follow her words. She has threatened often to stop doing whatever they ask, but has never once stopped. She does not know how to. She is afraid that she will loose their love. Also she receives her feelings of self worth from being the victim the martyr, the good person who is done injustice to, who has no time for personal needs.

Her husband and children could easily love her even if she didn’t do all these things, but they have simply gotten used to this situations and have found the easy solution to let Anna do everything, especially in the home. The truth is that in spite of all her complaining and threats, she has never asked them to all sit down to discuss the matter in a clear and effective manner.

And thus each stayed in his and her role until one day…


Then one day she thinks. “what kind of love is this which depends on whether I suppress myself, have no needs and do whatever they ask me. This is not love but bartering. I barter my freedom and needs and self respect for their acceptance and “love”. I will start expressing my needs and will say “Yes” only when I really feel it. Whoever really loves me will continue to do so.

But Anna at first was not comfortable at saying “no” and found her self saying it rather roughly and aggressively. Also she had suppressed herself for so many years, that she now wanted to do very few things that were asked of her. She felt each request an infringement on her freedom.

She had now come to the other extreme of behavior. She was uncooperative and aggressive.

Gradually Anna will realize that real freedom is giving out of love and not out fear. When we give out of fear of rejection, then we are not really giving but bartering whatever we are giving for the others’ acceptance.

Real giving is giving when we know we are free not to give, but chose to give out of love for the others.

She will then say “Yes”, about the same number of times she did in the past, but now she will be saying “yes” out of freedom and not out of fear, and she will feel no pressure and will be happy.

How can she manage that? What could her lesson be? Does she need to realize that she is lovable just as she is, even when she cannot respond to what others ask of her? Or does she need to learn to give as she is now, but out of love and not out of fear of rejection? Does she need to learn to let others be responsible for their reality? Or perhaps she needs to realize that she is worthy and lovable and good even when she in not a victim and even when she attends to her own needs?



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S01 Self Suppression  – Anna does whatever she is asked to do despite the fact that she doesn’t want to and then feels that she has been done injustice to.


S02  Super Woman – Katerina is very conscientious, a hard worker and reliable in all cases. No one knows she has needs and feels hurt.


S03  They Have Nothing In Common – They are married and have nothing in common.


S04  To Communicate Or Not – Melina solves her problems by talking and using her husband as a sounding board. He is aloof and prefers not to talk.


S05  Jealousy – Vasilis is very jealous of Efi and does not want her out of the house at all without him.


S06  Different Sexual Needs – She lost her desire for sexual contact very early in her marriage. He feels rejected and suppressed.


S07  He Doesn’t Love Me –  She is unhappy because her husband does not love her.


S08  Illness – Gina’s long standing illness has become a source of tension for all her family.


S09  Fear And Jealousy, Suppression And Reaction – She is not very sure of herself as woman. She doubts whether a man can stay interested in her.


S10  Social Life – He does not feel comfortable with people. She needs frequent social contact.


S11   Anger – Vicky never expresses her anger, but receives everyone else’s.


S12  Anxiety – She has continual anxiety about her children.


S13  Our Happiness Is Dependent On How The Other Is – Anastasia cannot feel well when her husband Antonis is one is not well.


S14  Shame – She often feels ashamed of her husband’s behavior.


S15  Does Not Keep Agreements – He says “YES” to what he is requested, but then does not do it.


S16  If They Loved Me, They Would Respond To My Needs. – Aliki is hurt and angry because no one in her family love her enough to respond to her needs.


S17  Perfectionism – Marina is a perfectionist and this annoys her husband, Dionisis.


S18  Mother In Law – Elias is caught between two women he loves, his wife and his mother.


S19  What To Do? – Argyro loves Stellios but she is not “in love” with him. He has proposed marriage. What she should do?


S20  Losing Weight And Smoking Cigarettes – He rejects her for being overweight and she retaliates about his smoking.


S21  Strength And Fear – Emotion And Logic – A few years ago she had an experience in which she almost fainted in the center of the City.


S22  Mirroring Negativity – Nikos had the need to share his problems with his wife when he arrived home from work.


S23  His Wife Is Missing From The House Continually – He feels rejected and demeaned by the fact that his wife is out of the house so much.


S24  A 30 Year Old Child – Both Froso and her husband experience inner and outer conflict because their thirty year old son has not yet become economically independent.


S25  Meaningful Work – He is dissatisfied with his work, and wants to stop. His wife is afraid he might leave it.


S26  Fear Of Death – Giorgos, now fifty two, had always been a strong a capable man. Now he fears death.


S27  Addiction – He is an alcoholic. Both he and his family suffer.


S28  Just Divorced – Margarita was just left by her husband who went off with another woman.


S29  Death Of Loved One – Sophia who is only 45, with three children, lost her husband three months ago.




 The Psychology of Happiness



S30  Communication Problems – Anna enjoys sharing her feelings with her husband Paul. She also needs to know what he is feeling and thinking. When she is unable to communicate with him, she feels neglected and unloved.


S31 Anxiety About Grades – John and Barbara have three children in junior and senior school. Their house witnesses frequent battles concerning how much the children need to study and what grades are acceptable.


S32  Fear That He Is Having An Affair – Wendy is sure that her husband Mark is having an affair. She doesn’t have absolute proof but she just knows it in her heart. She is afraid and deeply hurt and disappointed. She feels rejected, demeaned, betrayed, quite insecure, not to mention angry.


S33  Alcoholic Father And Husband – Mary’s father was an abusive alcoholic. Her husband Tony is following in his footsteps. As is quite common, Mary has selected a husband who is simply a continuation of her father.


S34  Mother-In-Law – Phillip’s mother- in- law Olga has moved in. She tends to intrude into their lives, telling them what they are doing wrong and criticizing their behavior; especially concerning how they bring up their children.


S35  The Absent Spouse – Janice’s Husband Ted is seldom home. He prefers the office, the club and the bar. On the weekends he goes hunting with his male friends.


S36  Self Evaluation – Today Charles has discovered that his coworker Andy had a more successful professional year than he did. Andy sold more accounts and was commended and promoted by the company.


S37  Self Suppression – Susan suppresses herself in order to be accepted and loved. However, those around her don’t do the same. She feels mistreated. She feels hurt and mentally complains and criticizes. She feels that she is being done an injustice to, but he never shares this with others. For her, the others are not correct, because they treat her unjustly.


S38  The Intimidator – Elias is an Intimidator. He seeks to control others by making them fear him. He obstructs them from asking anything of him or from controlling him, by making them afraid to approach. He does this by shouting, intimidating, accusing, threatening and occasionally even resorting to physical violence. He uses other people’s fear and self doubt to control them.


S39  The Interrogator – Katherine plays the role of the interrogator.  She would have made a good lawyer. She controls others by playing with their need for her approval. She does this by criticizing, doubting, giving advice and, in general, creating doubt about the others’ ability or correctness in what they are doing.


S40  The Aloof – Manfred tends to withdraw into himself and seldom communicates his feelings, thoughts or needs. His wife and children find him to be aloof.  He distances himself from others, avoiding meaningful or honest emotional contact.


S41  The Victim – Martha, 75 years old, has identified with the role of the victim since she got married fifty years ago.  She plays on the others’ pity and guilt. When they are angry with her, she protects herself from their rage and aggression by playing the weak abused person, usually crying.


S42  Cannot Be Happy When Others Are Not – Tatiana is very sensitive and identifies emotionally with those close to her. She finds it very difficult to be happy when anyone near her is not well, either physically or emotionally. She feels responsible. She also believes that it is not proper to be happy when someone she loves is not well.


S43  Do Not Change My Program – Albert is a very organized person. He likes everything to be in its place and to be in control in all situations. In order to feel safe, he needs to be functioning within a program. He needs for this program to be airtight and not change.  If for some reason beyond his control what he has programmed should change, he loses his serenity and can become very negative and even threatening.


S44  Perfect, Strong And Conscientious – Janet is a superwoman. She is extremely capable, efficient and conscientious. When she has something to do, she will not rest until it is accomplished. She can not live with “matters pending”. She can rest only when they have been completed.


S45  Fear Concerning The Children – Nora has intense fears concerning her children’s welfare. She is afraid of their becoming ill and has nightmares about the possibility of their departing from their bodies. She also fears that they might become involved in drugs, be kidnapped, have an accident or in some way be harmed. She simply cannot handle the possibility of her children being harmed in any way.


S46  Parental Pressure – Steven is a student at a well-known university. He is not happy. He has lost interest in his major and does not want to continue. His parents will not even discuss the possibility of his not completing his degree. He is fast approaching a depressive state, as he sees no solution.


S47  Loud Neighbors – Beverly lives with her husband and children in an apartment building. The tenants upstairs seem have little awareness of or respect for others. They play their television and stereo quite loud until early hours of the morning and walk in such a way so as to create a loud tapping noises with their ever step.


S48  Good, Righteous And Spiritual – Paul is very much identified with the role of the “good, righteous and spiritual person”. That is not to say that he is not a good person, but that he bases his self worth on this fact and wants to appear even more “spiritual” than he is.


S49  Weak,   Incapable And Dependent – Hubert feels weak and incapable. He has been programmed in this way by a weak mother and a domineering and demeaning father. He has come to perceive himself as unable to face the difficulties of life.


S50  The Rebel The Revolutionary, The Negative, The Antagonist. – Jake is a rebel. He easily feels suppressed and reacts in ways to protect his freedom often from imaginary dangers. He believes that others cant to control him and prevent him from doing what he would like to do.


S51 <a href=”/archives/lessons/s_51.asp”>The Parent The Savior, The Teacher, The Responsible – Anthony is a “savior”. He feels responsible for all around him. He believes that he must save them and keep them well and happy. He cannot rest when someone he feels responsible for is not well or happy. He feels that he has failed in his “role”. Others can easily use or control him, by making him feel that he is responsible for their reality.


S52  The Guilty, The Sinner, The Bad, The Evil One – Susan has a tendency to feel guilty. She has been programmed to believe that she is unworthy, evil a sinner. This causes her to incessantly seek her self worth through others. She spends tremendous amounts of energy attempting to prove her self worth through her professional endeavors, her service to others.





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