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  1. An Introduction To Relaxation Techniques
  2. Positive Visualization Technique for Self Therapy and Prevention of Illness
  3. Techniques for Re-balancing Our Energy
  4.  A Deep Relaxation for Self Acceptance
  5.  A Deep Relaxation Technique for Transforming Childhood Experiences
  6.  Loving The Child That You Were
  7.  Letting Go Of Resentment
  8.  Entertaining The Opposite Emotion
  9.  Letting An Emotion Take A Form And Transforming It
  10.  Letting Our Pains, Illnesses Or Problems Take A Form
  11.  Recognizing And Manifesting Talents, Abilities And Qualities
  12.  A Visit To The Sun
  13.  Music Relaxation
  14.  Color Relaxation
  15.  Becoming The Light – Contact With God
  16.  Circle Of Love
  17.  Disidentifying With Our Bodies And Identifying With Our Souls
  18.  A  Meeting With Your Spiritual Guide
  19.  Finding Out Our Purpose In Life
  20.  Harmonizing The Energy  Centers & Other Possibilities


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Being ill is no fun. Often when ill we do not know what to do with ourselves and are overcome with negative feelings. These negative feelings of helplessness and hopelessness often worsen our physical condition and there ensues a vicious circle of physical pain, suffering and mental and emotional tension. Our negative reaction to illness worsen the illness. Tension brings pain and pain brings more tension. The best solution is any simple relaxation technique with positive visualization for removing stress and pain and sending healing energy to the problem area.

Each of us has within us vital energies which can heal our bodies. This is the life energy which keeps us alive and allows us to perform all the functions of our lives. This energy is guided by our thought patterns and concentration. Wherever our thoughts go, our energy goes to that area. Thus we can play a very important and essential role in our own therapy by learning to relax our bodies and mind by directing our concentration inwardly to the various parts of our body or our life in general which need healing. This is not difficult at all and can be learned just as any other human act can be learned through practice.




I remember the case of a friend of ours who was flying in a hand glider-kite and fell 20 meters to the ground cracking cervical vertebrae, thus remaining paralysed in the General National Hospital in Athens, Greece. He had only 5% movement in his arms and zero in his legs. A few of us went to explain to him how to relax his mind and body and how to concentrate his energy into his neck area and into his arms and legs and to imagine that he could move his hands and legs perfectly. He started doing this four or five times a day. He would ask his visitors to leave the room for ten minutes so that he could do this. He did this in a room with seven other patients and all their visitors. He closed his eyes and relaxed, while the television was blaring and cigarette smoke was choking the atmosphere.

Although the doctors told him that he would never be able to walk or gain full use of his hands, he started to get better every day. His hands and legs started to move. After two months, he left the hospital, and after another six months he came to visit me one day in the taxi cab he was driving, to tell me how the doctors at the hospital “made the sign of the cross”, in disbelief, when they saw him walk in to greet them. His body was much more fit and strong than mine.

There are thousands of such cases all over the world of people who have cured themselves with the power of relaxation and positive visualization. It is being used in many hospitals in America and Europe. It is being used especially in the cases of Cancer and whenever pain is present. One theory is that relaxation and peaceful vibrations in the mind stimulate the secretion of «natural body made anaesthetics» called endomorphins. It seems that an individual can learn to control the pain in his body. In addition he can direct healing energies to those parts of the body which are malfunctioning. Everyday we are discovering new unknown powers of the mind. It seems that we human beings have many powers which we have not realised and are waiting for us to uncover them as we continue with our human development.


Find a comfortable straight back position, either lying down on your back or sitting straight on a chair. Close your eyes and start breathing more slowly and deeply. Relax your body from your toes to the top of your head concentrating on each part separately and allowing it to relax.

You may also use another method of relaxation similar to the one suggested by the Silva Mind Control. Take a deep breath and while exhaling repeat mentally and visualize the number three, three times in your mind. Then inhale again, and while exhaling, visualize and repeat the number two, three times in the mind. Then inhale again and on the exhalation repeat and visualise the number one, three times. Then count slowly backwards from ten to one allowing the body and mind to relax more deeply with each number. Feel that with each number you relax more deeply physically and mentally.

After using either of these techniques or any other relaxation technique, you can start to follow the following visualization procedure.

1)  Imagine a light in the center of the forehead

2)  Allow this light to begin to expand and fill the whole of the brain cavity. (If you cannot see the light you can feel it, or conceive of it as a thought. It has the same result).

3)  Allow this light and energy to start descending into the body

4)  Direct it to any parts of the body which need healing energies

5)  Feel the energy going there and imagine that area to be perfectly healthy. DO NOT IMAGINE THE ILLNESS. DO NOT IMAGINE THE PROBLEM.


7)  Imagine your whole body functioning perfectly

8)  Imagine yourself happy, healthy, running, dancing, singing, playing

9)  Imagine yourself in harmony with those around you, giving and taking love

10) Remain in this blissful relaxed state as long as you can. Allow these peaceful healing energies to permeate every part of your body and mind.

This practice can be done for:


2) TO HELP OTHERS WHO ARE ILL – We can imagine all this going on in them


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