YG-02 General guidelines for performing exercises

It is best if you can learn the exercises which are recommended for your specific self-therapy from an experienced yoga instructor. He or she will be able to guide you in the rate, rhythm and duration of each movement. Any mistaken or ineffective movements or positions will be corrected and you will get much more benefit from your exercises. This would require only one to eight visits (depending on your problem and experience in exercising) so that you can learn these exercises well. Then you can continue at home on your own, unless you prefer a class setting or would like to go beyond the self-therapy stage to the self-development and then the self-knowledge stages of your evolution. In that case it would be wise to find a recommended and responsible yoga center near you and proceed beyond self-therapy into self-transformation.

Most of the following exercises are not actually classical yoga postures but rather preliminary and preparatory dynamic exercises which are easier and more adapted to the stiff western body. I have found them to be more useful in creating a healthy life-style program for those who are seeking to awaken the natural healing energies in their body. In some cases, such as in young people and those who have kept their body flexible, the more advanced yoga postures may be recommended. These simple but effective movements, which are found in the following pages, have proven extremely effective in literally hundreds of cases that I have witnessed with my own eyes.

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