Y-51 Nauli

Nauli is not a beginner’s exercise; actually it is a cleansing exercise for the digestive system. It is presented here, however, because it is, in a sense, a development of the abdominal lift.

Once we have mastered the abdominal lift, we then learn to control and manipulate the specific muscles of the abdomen. This creates movement and pressure in the digestive system, toning it and cleansing it of toxins.

a) From the position of the abdominal lift in which all of the abdominal muscles are relaxed, contract the two central vertical muscles, thus pushing them forward. Once this is done then movement in and out can be made with these muscles.

b) Then try to contract only the right side.

c) Then do the same on the left.

d) Then there is sufficient control; the muscles can be rotated from right to left and left to right like a wave.

All of the above is done with the lungs empty, the ribs expanded and the abdomen in a relaxed hollow.

Benefits: Detoxification of the digestive organs. Awakening of good digestive powers. Makes more energy available from the Hara (Solar Plexus) area. All of the body’s physical vital energy must emanate from this Hara region (from the bottom of the ribs to the pelvis). If it is stiff and tense, no energy can get to your body. This exercise remedies the situation.

Contraindications: hernia, High blood pressure, detached retina

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