Y-45 Salutation to the Sun

This dynamic exercise has many benefits and can be incorporated into one’s daily routine. When done morning and/or evening, it increases the flexibility of the spine and all other joints; it increases the blood flow thus cleansing the arteries and stimulating the heart; and it cleanses the lings and increases their breath-capacity through deep breathing. Muscles are stretched and awakened, lactic acid and resulting fatigue are eliminated.

This will be an excellent way to prepare the body and mind for the day’s activities, or to release stress built up during the day.

Do these movements slowly with concentration, and breathe deeply. If possible, face the rising or setting SUN – the source of Earthly Life. A balcony or rooftop in the fresh air would be ideal. If you like, make these movements like a dance to some appropriate music.

These movements are done in harmony with the breath, inhaling or exhaling during the dynamic state of each movement. The chart below shows the proper breathing throughout the sequence.

Contraindications: Serious lower back problems, hernia, High blood pressure, detached retina, neck problems

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