Y-43 Salutation to the Earth (Dynamic & Static)

Sit on your knees. While inhaling, stretch your arms upwards and backwards over your head. Hold your breath while holding the stretch. Now exhale bringing your arms downwards touching the mat and sliding forward, lifting the buttocks off the ground so that the thighs come up to a 90 degree angle with the earth. Remain in this position with the chin and chest approaching the mat, while holding the lings empty (suspension). Feel the flexing in the upper back. Now, while inhaling, come back onto your knees, sit on them and stretch back again. Hold the breath in this position and then exhale coming downward and forward again. Continue this backward and forward movement as many times as suits you. (From three to ten times). Start with less repetitions and gradually build up to more.

Contraindications: Serious lower back problems, hernia, High blood pressure, detached retina,

Benefits: Tonifies the adrenals, liver and kidneys; opens up the chest area and corrects the positioning of the vertebrae of the upper back. Stimulates the functioning of the thyroid. Brings blood to the lungs and heart. Corrects hunching shoulders.

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