Y-31 Head Rotations

Head Roll

The body is standing with the arms, shoulders and fingers relaxed by the side. The muscles of the abdomen should be relaxed and the eyes closed. With a sense of inner concentration begin to allow the head to roll in a circle around the base of the neck. Let the neck muscles stretch as you rotate the head very slowly. As you are bringing the head up and back, inhale. Exhale as you are allowing it to fall down to the front.

Make 5 to 10 rotations in each direction.

Benefits: This exercise has been recommended to thousands of people by «psychic healer» Edgar Cayce as a remedy and preventive measure for poor eye sight, eye tension, headaches and problems resulting from poor elimination such as rheumatism, arthritis of constipation. According to Cayce, manipulation and stimulation of the cervical vertebrae (spinal section in the neck) serves to increase the efficiently of the elimination of toxins.

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