Y-18 Camel – Better with the guidance of a teacher

Sit on your knees in the Japanese style. Let your head fall back and reach your arms behind you, resting your hands on your ankles or on the floor. Now slowly lift your buttocks up so that you are curved backwards. Let the head remain back and feel the stretch in the whole body. Breathe with the abdomen. When you are tired relax the backward stretch and come forward and down onto your knees. Then take the prayer resting position with your torso resting forward on your thighs, your head resting on the floor, and the arms on the floor to your sides. Remain in this position with your attention on your forehead, sensing its contact with the Earth.

Contraindications: Serious lower back problems, hernia, High blood pressure, detached retina, neck problems

Benefits: Tonifies the deep and superficial muscles of the spine. This is a very powerful position in terms of stress release from the back. It would be better for you to perfect the «Cobra» and «Bow» before trying the «Camel».

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