Y-12 Dynamic Torsion

This is a preparatory movement for people who are beginners, stiff or have back problems. Eventually the static torsion can replace this.

From the lying relaxation position bend your knees, bringing them up into the air. Let your arms be straight out to your sides with the palms facing downward (like a cross). As you exhale, slowly lower your knees together to the left side and turn your head to the right. Stop. Then slowly inhale bringing the legs and head back to the center. Then exhale, lower the legs to the right side and your head to the left.

This can be done continually for three to ten times to each side.

After a few repetitions you can turn this into a static position if you like by remaining with the legs to one side and head to the other while you relax and breathe normally. Then be sure to do the same to the other side.

Benefits: Prepares the spine for more advanced twisting postures. Relaxes lower back.

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