Y-08 Cat

Take the same «four-legged» position as in the previous exercise. Now inhaling through the nose, lift the head upwards while allowing the middle part of the spine to bend downwards the earth and the lower part of the back to lift upwards toward the sky. Then on the exhalation, let the head come down towards the chest and the pelvis toward the head and the middle part of the spine arch upward toward the sky, like a soared cat. The exhalation may be with the nose or mouth, as you prefer. Continue moving all the spinal column up and down with the inhalation and exhalation for 3 to 7 times according to your endurance. Do not over-exert yourself or lose the calmness of your breath. The movement should be made effortlessly with concentration.

Benefits: This movement gives a gentle massage to the spine, heart, kidneys, and adrenals. It relaxes the muscles and nerves along the spinal column, and gradually increases the endurance of the individual.

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