Y-06 Leg Lifts

This is not actually a yoga asana, and I ‘m sure many of you have done this in your gymnastic training. It is very useful for building the strength of the lower back and abdominal muscles and toning the digestive organs.

Lie on your back in a relaxed position. Begin to breath slowly and deeply. When you have a good slow rhythm of breathing, lift one leg on the exhalation and lower it on the inhalation. Do this slowly, concentrating on your breath.

Do it three times with each leg separately and then three times with both legs together.

People who have difficulty can bend the legs at the knees and lift in this way until the muscles are strengthened enough to do it with the legs straight.

Contraindications: Serious lower back problems

Benefits: Strengthens abdominal and lower back muscles and tones digestive system. Helps to remove excess fat from this area.

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