Y-04 Wind Relieving Posture

Assume the «relaxation pose» on your back – that is with the body relaxed as much as possible, eyes closed, legs straight (but not tensed), arms relaxed by your sides with the palms facing upward, and the head lying relaxed in straight alignment with the spine. The concentration is on the flow of breath with abdominal or full rhythmic breathing.

This position and state of inner relaxation will be the starting and ending point of all postures done from a lying position on the floor. Assume this position between postures.

This is a very comforting pose when one has gas or other digestive discomforts. It is especially good in the morning to awaken the digestive system and promote a bowel movement.

From the relaxation position lift your right leg, bending the knees. Clasp your hands over the knees. Now inhale deeply, hold your breath and pull the leg as tightly as you can into the abdomen (without straining). Hold this position as long as you comfortable can, then exhale and relax your leg upward.

Do this three times with the right leg, then three times with the left, and then three times with both.

Contraindications: High blood pressure

Benefits: Removes excess gas from digestive system, calms and relaxes nervous abdominal muscles. Aids against constipation.

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