When I am Selfless…

Selfishness is a tiring and vain effort to fill our internal emptiness externally.

The result is that our self-centeredness reflects back to us from others as their selfish behavior.

Whenever we feel others want to take from us, we subconsciously adopt various forms of defensive behavior in order to “protect” ourselves.

This is exhausting game of self-protection and control. Our personality seems to be insatiable. If ten people love and affirm us, we will be unhappy about the 11th, which does not.

In order to function selflessly we will need to be free from dependence on others for our feelings of self-worth, security, fulfillment or freedom.

We can function selflessly when we remember that we are Divine creation, temples of the living Divine essence. We are Divine energy in the process of evolution.

Connected with our inner self-worth, security, fulfillment and freedom we are liberated from the need to take from the others and to control them for our own benefit. We can begin to be selfless.

By cultivating a conscious love relationship with ourselves and God we can experience inner fulfillment and approach others selflessly.

When we function selflessly our motives are pure; we desire nothing from the others.

We become like cells in the body of humanity serving the whole.

We are interested in how we can truly help those around us.

Such service is totally natural and we see not the difference between serving others and ourselves. They are equally important.

Our actions are simple and natural.

We have no need for recognition, not even for a thank you.

And even if those whom we have served, do us harm, we do not feel injustice, for we keep no accounts, and do not distinguish them from those we have not served.

We are detached from the results of our efforts.

Having freed ourselves from the need for repayment, we have no anxiety concerning the results.

We are free to live, work and create with all our hearts without anxiety concerning the results of our actions.

It this way we are able to focus on the present, on what we are doing, and thus are more effective.

Selflessness frees us from the need to plays ego games.

We no longer feel the need to be noticed. We have no need to announce what we do.

Selflessness means without “self”. A state of inner peace free from the need to compete.

A selfless life is a beautiful life with peace and meaning.

Perhaps not very impressive to others,
but a jewel to the eyes of the Divine.

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