What, in fact, is humility?

When I am humble, I do not feel superior to any one but neither do I feel inferior.

I feel neither more nor less important than others.

I realize that my place in the evolutionary movement of the universe is simultaneously very small but yet unique and precious.

I am like a small dot of paint on the cosmic design of the universe. Although my presence is invisible the painting is not the same without me.

I understand that, as a personality, I have neither power, nor duration. But as a vehicle of divine energy I am both powerful and useful.

When I am humble, I am simple and kind, pleasant and supporting.

I respect and serve all without desire for recognition and without feeling that I have done something important.

I am easy to communicate with because I do not play games of who is right or who is worthier.

When others want to feel “superior” more intelligent, more correct, more important than I, I perceived them with love and understanding, knowing that I too have that aspect in myself.

On the other hand, I have no need to affirm my self-worth as I understand that, in fact, my body and personality have no worth, other than as vehicles of expression for the Divine.

I enjoy serving, thus when I serve, I keep no accounts.

I never feel I am being used or taken from, as I give of my own free will and also have the ability to say no when I choose.

My words are few and essential while my dress is simple. I have no need to provoke attention.

I feel comfortable with all persons. I have nothing to hide or to protect.

I am not focused on social differences. All have the same value for me. I feel equally comfortable with all regardless of social status or life role.

Just as all the forms on the movie screen are expressions of the one projection light and thus have the same value, in the same way, I feel each including myself as an expression of the one divine consciousness on the screen of matter.

When I am humble, I have no need to judge others or to compare myself with them.

I greet all without being concerned about whether they respond or not.

I know that the results of my efforts do not belong to me. I am responsible only for my motives and the quality of my effort; God decides the results.

My knowledge and talents are aspects of divine grace and I use them for the benefit of the whole.

My body, mind and power are all temporarily borrowed from the divine source and are to be used towards my “Work” on the earth.

As my personality is purified, ever more power and beauty flow through it into the world around me.

And something strange.

As my ego diminishes, I become stronger.

Abandoning the need to control, everything happens for the best.

Liberated from the need for recognition, I now have as much as I need.

Freed from the need to have, I live in abundance.

When I put my ego aside, all flows more abundantly and harmoniously.

Yet, separateness is created both when we feel superior and inferior.

Finally, it seems that I can be humble when I need no affirmation, that is, when I accept myself as I am with all my faults. Thus, my humility is a direct result of my self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love and not some type of self-rejecting self-demeaning attitude.

Although humble and simple, I walk with my spine straight because, as all the others, I too am equally a pure and lovable Child of God.

But most of all, when I am humble, I do not know that I am.

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