The Benefits of a Virtuous Life

Considering the “benefits” of a virtuous life may seem contradictory.

But, in fact, we have so much to gain by living virtuously.

Alignment with our inherent spiritual values provides us the strength and peace of mind.

What would it be like to live in a virtuous society?

In such a society:

In a virtuous society each comprehends the meaning and importance of his particular his role and performs it as an act of love with dedication, interest, joy.

As all execute their roles conscientiously, everything functions perfectly, on time, harmoniously and effectively. This increases the socioeconomic stability.

Trust is the supporting foundation of this equally distributed abundance.

All willing offer their share of taxes, which the government in turn uses effectively, honestly, fairly with the highest possible good of the whole in mind.

Virtuous politicians really care and are dedicated to the creation of a just society with safety and abundance for all.

Virtuous businesspersons and entrepreneurs seek to balance their profits with the welfare of the consumer and the environment. They are interested not only in material wealth but also spiritual.

Products and services, which beautify and facilitate our lives, are available to all.

Citizens join together forming groups of volunteers who, in cooperation with governmental offices, seek to create for all equal opportunities for a healthy, comfortable, creative and happy life.

People greet each other with a smile.

Having manifested our inner integrity, we need no police or courts.

Children grow in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and encouragement. They have role models, which are living examples of emotional and spiritual maturity. They are surrounded by honesty, selflessness and love, which inspire their respect towards their fellow beings.

Parents are also siblings and friends with each other and with their children. All learn and evolve together.

Functioning in harmony with our conscience, we have greater inner peace, vitality and health.

As surrounding countries also realize the benefits of a virtuous society, there is no need for an army or weapons, thus freeing tremendous amounts of economic energy for education, health and creative expression.

Increased productivity and economic power support greater possibilities of cultural and creative expression.

Each neighborhood sponsors dances, concerts, celebrations, exhibitions, theatrical performances and other events, which create joy and balance for all.

All have ample opportunities to express their innate creative potential.

As all are connected with the love which resides in the center of their being, spiritual and social life have become one.

In our daily encounters, we perceive the Divine in our spouses, children, parents, coworkers, friends, family members, clients, patients, employers, employees, strangers and of course in Nature.

Every transaction is an encounter with the divine.

We experience our and others’ inner beauty.

We perceive the trees, fields, birds and all the animals as our younger siblings, which we have the responsibility to care for and protect. Animals and humans live together in mutual trust and harmony.

The Earth is healed of the wounds inflicted by our ignorance, indifference and greed. Rejuvenated, it is again enabled to offer us an environment conducive to health, happiness and well being.

We are reunited with Nature from which we have come and from which we had alienated ourselves

A virtuous life connects us with something even greater – our innate divine nature.

Liberated from the fears, guilt and defense mechanisms, we are now in a position to experience ourselves as temples of the living God and can feel the Divine power within us.

Opened to and filled by the Holy Spirit, we have now arrived at our destination – -Theosis – divinization. This is perhaps what a virtuous society might be like.

Even if you do not believe in God, You can live a perfectly virtuous life. You simply need to care and love.

You have probably been thinking that I am an unrealistic dreamer, a simple-minded person.

Perhaps you are right.
Maybe I never grew up so as to lose the vision or the hope.

But dreams are the preludes to reality.
Once your house was just an idea, a goal or perhaps a dream. The same is true about your car and your clothing.

Man’s walking on the moon and touching the depths of the sea were first visions and then fact.

Everything we have and have done were once ideas – dreams, challenges to our minds and inner power.

Can you be sure that this idea, which we all want so much in the depths of our hearts cannot be manifest?

Not even in a thousand years?
A few thousand years??

Why not get started?

We are immortal.

Our only power, however, is in the present.

See you there.

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