Spirit in the Body – Heat in the Iron Ball

An iron ball is heated until it begins to shine a bright red color. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the ball and cannot be distinguished from the ball itself. The heat has taken the shape of the ball, but has changed the nature, quality and appearance of the ball.

The iron ball is the body. The heat is the spiritual consciousness, which enters into it upon its manifestation in the physical world. This consciousness is found throughout the body. It temporarily takes the shape of the body and seems to be limited by the body. It changes the quality and nature of the body.

When the heat leaves the iron ball, the ball ceases to shine, and appears again as the ordinary dark black matter that it always was.

When consciousness leaves the body, the body starts to decompose and decay. The body was just the temporary association of atoms and molecules used by that consciousness – an immortal soul – for its earthly expressions.

Let us not confuse the heat with the iron ball, or the soul with the body.

Their relationship is admittedly intimate, but definitely temporary.

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