Perceiving the Universal in All

Here is another excellent method of moving into prayer of meditation. It can also be used as a meditation in itself.

1. With the straight spine and peaceful mind, bring a plant (a known or an imaginary one) into your mind. Now realize that this plant is a projection of the one Divine Universal Consciousness. Mentally remind yourself that, “this plant is an expression on the one Universal Consciousness”. Do this with a variety of plants; strengthening your awareness of the fact that the intelligent force in all beings is also expressing itself through that plant.

2. Now do the same with various kinds of animals. See each one as a unique material manifestation of the one Divine Consciousness. Remember to choose each time at least one species of animal which you fear or dislike. Then do the same with some types of insects.

3. Now bring persons you know and remind yourself of the same truth, and try to feel it. Perceive each person as an expression of the divine and feel the analogous respect and love towards him or her. The divine consciousness is expressing itself through every being, including the immoral and even those who seek to harm us.

4. Be sure then to bring into your mind people with whom you have difficulty in communicating, or towards whom you have negative feelings, and remember that they too are unique manifestations of the One God.

5. Bring your family, parents, children, siblings and spouse to mind and see them too as divine beings.

6. Then bring your own self, your body and personality and realize that these too (you cannot be the only exception on the earth) are manifestations of divine consciousness, and feel the love and respect towards yourself that you deserve.

At this point you can move on to your chosen form or prayer or meditation. You can also continue on in this way, remembering that whatever comes into your mind is a manifestation of the divine. Persons, events, places, thoughts, feelings, pain, problems, situations are all manifestations of the only cause for whatever exists – God.

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